Optimise the skills in your organisation

and build autonomous high performing teams

MuchSkills is a skills management platform that helps you focus on what matters most, people.

Visualise your organisation’s skills

Bring org skills & competency to light

Take a strategic approach to skills management and growth

To be successful, we need the right people and skills for the job. MuchSkills gives you clear insights into the skills, competencies, skill levels, interest levels, certifications, skill distribution and more available in your organisation . This is exactly what you need to build high-performing teams.

What you need
Choose a set of skills to filter from interface
Who has the skill
Discover who has the necessary skills interface
Build your team
Build a skills-based team in minutes
Skill Analysis

A new way to organise skills and skill sets

Visualised data tells better stories about individuals, teams and organisations. Get to know employees and teams better with MuchSkills.

Skills overview graphic

Identify skill gaps and create opportunities for organisational growth

Real-time skill gap analysis

Identify skill gaps, upskilling and reskilling opportunities. Understand your team’s current skills and abilities and identify opportunities for team growth and development.

Learn more about skill & competency mapping
identify skill gaps
self-propelled teams

Nurture successful self-propelled teams

To do a really good job we need engaged and energised employees

build skills-based teams
Build skills-based teams in minutes

Create teams based on competence and skills

MuchSkills’ Team Builder enables you to assemble teams in minutes. After that, share the team page with all members so that everyone is aware of the superpowers they are expected to bring with them.

Track growth journeys
Make growth journeys clear and visible

Visualise recommended skills & competencies for roles and departments

Make it easy for employees to understand what skills matter in each role, department, and team. Team members can quickly see how well they fit a role and what skills they are missing.

find experts in your team
Decentralise access to knowledge

Empower employees to find the talent they need to solve problems

Finding talent and knowledge in large organisations has been difficult so far. With MuchSkills, employees are empowered to find specialists and talent within the organisation to help get the job done.

Team org chart

Find & get to know your colleagues better

An interactive organisation hierarchy

View an automated, organic and interactive visualisation of your entire organisation and reporting structure. Employees can easily find people and teams, get to know more about them, and view everyone’s top skills.

Learn more about building autonomous, agile and high-performing teams

Learn more
build agile autonomous teams

Visualise your organization’s skills & certifications like never before

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skills lists
build skills-based teams
showcase my technical skills
filter skills in teams
analyze skills gaps
View the skills of team members
skills overview
skills expertise distribution
map org certifications
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