Your strengths visualized

MuchSkills helps you look into your skills and your team’s in a new way, for a more productive, engaged and happier work life.

A new way to look at strengths

Visualized data tells better stories about individuals, teams and organizations. Each MuchSkills profile is based on three pillars: job focus, soft skills and technical competence.

Visualize your skills and strengths using the modern skills matrix
MuchSkills - You

Job focus

These are your strengths and responsibilities you work with.

Soft skills

These are your personal attributes that help you succeed.

Technical competence

All the tools that enable you to successfully complete a job.

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Go beyond the Skills Matrix

Get a complete overview of your organisation's skill sets with MuchSkills - a skills management software that visualizes your team's skills and helps identify areas of improvement and plan future recruitments.

Say goodbye to the skills matrix - a better way to visualize team skills is here

Find the right team or individual for the job

Search across all teams to find the hard and soft skills needed to accomplish the job at hand, an especially useful tool at a time a large number of people have started working remotely.

MuchSkills works for

Create a skills profile for a modern skills matrix


Go beyond the CV, create and share an insightful and beautiful picture of your skills.

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Visualize your team's skills with a modern team skills matrix

Team Managers

Understand your team’s strengths. Get a complete overview of all available skills in a single view.

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Create stronger skills based project teams

Sales Managers

Finding the right talent for projects has never been easier.

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Restructure and reorganize team skills easily

C-Level & Leadership

Increase productivity, sales and profitability of your organization by creating a strengths-based workplace.

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Create instant skills matrix views for events and hackathons

Events & Hackathons

Connect participants based on skills and create project groups that come together to explore and drive innovation.

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Your skills are your superpowers. The modern skills matrix

Know everyone's superpowers

Map the entire organization and ensure everyone uses their superpowers.

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It's easy to create your skills profile

It's fun and looks beautiful

Use it on your computer or your phone. It's far simpler to keep your MuchSkills skill sets up to date than your CV.

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