Visualize skills and skill sets

For yourself, your team and the entire organization

A new way to look at skill sets

Visualized data can tell better stories about individuals, teams and organizations than plain numbers or text. Use MuchSkills to get a clearer picture of your skill set in three categories: job focus, soft skills and software competence.

Such Amaze, Much Skills
Much Skills - Job Focus Visualization
better overview

Job focus clusters

Our job titles often fail to incorporate details that make each of us unique. On MuchSkills, individuals can use job focus clusters to highlight their core skill set. In other words, what energizes them the most. Team leaders can easily view the range of skills available in their teams.

MuchSkills - Soft Skills Visualization
better understanding

Soft Skills are important

Soft skills are critical for teamwork. Get a better understanding of what motivates team members so people with the right skill sets can be assigned to each project.

MuchSkills - Software skills Visualization
better growth

Software experience

Individuals can keep track of their professional development by visualizing the growth in their software skill set. Team leaders can easily understand what skills are underdeveloped or missing in their teams.

MuchSkills works for

Create a MuchSkills profile and visualize your skills. Such Amaze, Much Skills


Go beyond the CV, create and share your online MuchSkills profile and let recruiters or your colleagues get an in-depth understanding of your current skill sets and interests.

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Teams that understand each other perform better. Create engaged teams with MuchSkills, Such Amaze, Much Skills

Team Managers

Be better prepared for your next one-on-one. Analyse your team's growth potential and ensure it stays balanced with every new hire.

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Sales managers can get better insights and more accurate project allocations with MuchSkills. Such Amaze, Much Skills

Sales Managers

Understand what talent is available within your organization and allocate only the most appropriate person for upcoming projects.

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Find the right team or individual

Search across all teams to find the hard and soft skills needed to accomplish the job at hand.

Find hard and soft skills needed to accomplish a job with MuchSkills. Such Amaze, Much Skills

Get a complete overview of your organisation's skill set

Browsing CVs to get a sense of your team's capabilities is very 1950s. Use MuchSkills to easily assess if your team has the skills to deliver the desired results, identify areas of improvement and plan future recruitments accordingly.

MuchSkills Organisation skill overview. Much Skills

Not another CV app

Managing and updating CVs is a nightmare. It’s tedious and time-consuming and in the end, hiring managers simply skim through it. Visualize your skill sets and keep them updated with little to no effort using MuchSkills.

CVs are outdated and it's time for something new. Visualize skills with MuchSkills. Such Amaze. Much Skills

Takes just 5 minutes to create your own skill set visualization

Keep your profile up to date in just a few interactions. Much better and easier than updating your CV.

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Create your own skills visualization with MuchSkills

Become a MuchSkills pre-release customer

Improve job satisfaction and reduce attrition

Increase utilization using MuchSkills

Effective utilization

Get suggested the most relevant candidates for upcoming projects and ensure client happiness as well as employee job satisfaction.

Keep a track of your software competence with MuchSkills

Grow one's software skills

A tried and tested grading system to ensure self accountability and the ability to track your software skills development and also your team’s.

Designed for teams that collaborate

Easy integrations to Slack through MuchSkills

Connected to Slack

With Slack integrations, you can communicate with teams directly from MuchSkills

Share your MuchSkills profile to recruiters, managers and more

Easy to share profiles

Share your profile with whomever you want -recruiters, team members or even clients.

Understand the skills of your entire team

Visualize skill set composition

It's easy to see what skills are needed and also what additional skills teams bring to projects.

Developers, software teams, design consultancies can keep a track of all skills within the team using MuchSkills

Track and fulfil missing skills

The overview allows you to see what skills are needed or missing from project teams.

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