Connect participants based on skills

Create project groups that come together to explore and drive innovation.

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Organizational overview of skills and skill sets is now easy with MuchSkills

Connecting participants is a mess

Some individuals don’t have a team. A team is missing a skill. Hundreds of Slack messages later, maybe someone finds someone. Or maybe not.

Visualize the skill sets of thousands of people together

It’s really easy. Publish a team link and get your participants to join your hackathon in a single click.

Understand each team members skills and skill sets with MuchSkills

Find the right team or individual for the job

Search across all teams to find the hard and soft skills needed to accomplish the job at hand. This is an especially useful tool for a hybrid or remote workforce. 

Change availability with a few clicks

When a participant has joined one or several projects they easily block their availability.

MuchSkills is free for Hackathons, events and meetups

It's easy to create your skills profile

It's fun and looks beautiful

Use it on your computer or your phone. It's far simpler to keep your MuchSkills profile up to date than your CV.

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It's free to use

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