We love what we do at MuchSkills

We love what we do

Doing what energizes us is one of the most effective ways for individuals and teams to stay motivated and engaged at work. While we are fortunate that we love what we do, and do what we love, we know that’s not the case with so many others.

This is one of the reasons why we were inspired to develop MuchSkills, a skills visualisation tool for everyone.

At the core of MuchSkills is the belief that every individual strives to work with what they love doing. MuchSkills allows people to showcase exactly that to the world.

MuchSkills is a new way

We are a team that has previously built and scaled numerous digital products and services ranging from complex IoT systems to gaming marketplaces and even Medtech.

MuchSkills was born after we realized that though the way we work has changed, the way we look at skills management hasn’t. We needed a tool that helped people and organisations manage skills better. The lack of such a tool meant that people working in the same team or organisations weren’t always aware of each other’s skills and skill sets. This causes unbalanced work allocations for projects and bloated teams among other things, all of which leads to escalated costs, decreased productivity and unhappy employees and clients.

We also were puzzled by a paradox: Design-driven software is all around us today but individuals were still using antiquated CVs to communicate what energizes them at the workplace. Similarly, organisations were still designing tedious-to-read-and-update skills matrices to keep track of each employee’s skills and interests.

We felt that the world of skills management needed to enter the 21st century.

MuchSkills is the modern skills visualization software we wish we all had: designed to help individuals and teams get a more transparent understanding of their core strengths. 

The team

Daniel Nilsson

Sales & Marketing

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Noel Braganza

Product Design

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Colleen Braganza

Research & Content

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Oleksandr Telnov

Technology & Product

Eugen Bondarenko

Frontend development

Tobias Almstrand

Technology & Product

MuchSkills Timeline

MuchSkills Timeline

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