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Use MuchSkills to create a beautiful visualisation of all the skills available in your team or organisation. Skills and competency mapping has never been easier.

Team Overview on MuchSkills - the modern skills matrix

Get a complete overview of your team's skill sets

Create a skills matrix with MuchSkills and get insights into your team's strengths and weaknesses – in a single view. Assess if your team has the skills your organisation needs, identify areas of improvement, and plan future recruitments accordingly.

Get a complete overview of your team's skills

Out-of-the-box skill sets

Over 20,000 skills to choose from  

MuchSkills has three research-based skill sets available from the start: job focus, soft skills and technical competence. There are over 20,000 skills to select from and more skills are added every day. Users can easily add additional skills if needed.

List your top skills and skill sets

Add custom skill categories

Map the skills that enable your team to do their best work

Choose the type of visualisation 
Set a list of skills the team can select from
Add multiple skill sets
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Create custom skill sets on MuchSkills

Creating and updating profiles is fun

Patent-pending data input solution

Visualisations and conclusions are dependent on relevant and up-to-date data. MuchSkills’ patent-pending solution for data entry and our inclusive methodology ensures team members will enjoy creating and updating their profiles.

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MuchSkills - You

Job focus

This is what the team knows well and enjoys working with.

Soft skills

These are the employee's personal attributes that helps them succeed.

Technical competence

All the tools that enable them to successfully complete a job.

Boost employee engagement

MuchSkills’ insightful visualization of each employee’s skills helps you to easily understand what energizes them. This allows you to enable them to focus on their strengths, leading to happier, more engaged and productive employees.

skills and strengths visualisation

“Encouraging strengths identification, use, and development in human management practices can be an excellent way to promote work performance, thereby stimulating passion, vitality, and concentration at work”

Source: 2014 study published in The Journal of Positive Psychology.

"60% of employees say the ability to do what they do best in a role is ‘very important’ to them. This was ranked higher than ‘significant increase in income’ and stability and job security."

Source: Gallup's State of the American Workplace report 2017

Assemble the strongest teams

Search across all teams to find the hard and soft skills needed to accomplish the job at hand. MuchSkills is an especially useful skills matrix software to have at a time a large number of employees are working remotely.

Know your team

With MuchSkills, you can quickly get an overview of what energizes your team members. Easily view their core strengths and engage these strengths to keep them motivated.

Create projects on MuchSkills

1. Start a new project

This is the essential information about the project. Title, duration,  documents etc.

Identify the skills a project requires with MuchSkills

2. Select the skills you need

Add all the skills you need for your project. Soft skills & technical requirements as well.

Match the best fitting members for the created project on MuchSkills

3. Select the best fitting members

Check skills and availability and pick the most suitable candidate.

Notify the team about projects on MuchSkills via Slack

4. Done! Notify the team

Give your team a heads up. No one likes a surprise project.

Join one or multiple teams with MuchSkills.

Why MuchSkills is better than a traditional skills matrix

The traditional skills matrix is a mess. It is:

  1. Complicated – It quickly gets complicated if you have a large number of employees.
  2. Updating it is a pain – Things change. But keeping this data up to date is a laborious process.
  3. It’s difficult to read – Understanding Giselle Grant and her unique skills profile requires your eyes to move up and down 17 times. 🙄
Your skills are your superpowers. The modern skills matrix

MuchSkills harnesses the power of visualised data

The visualised skills data on MuchSkills tells better stories about individuals, teams and organisations than plain numbers or text. Use MuchSkills to get a clearer picture of the skills and skill sets available to you.

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