Build a modern skill matrix

And conduct a competency mapping of all employees

Create a beautiful visualisation of all the skills available in your team or organisation. Skills and competency mapping has never been easier with MuchSkills skills matrix software.

An example of a modern skill matrix

Take a strategic approach to skills management and growth

Skills overview graphic

Bring org skills & competency to light

Take a strategic approach to how you create your skill matrix

To be successful, we need the right people and skills for the job. MuchSkills gives you clear insights into the skills, competencies, skill levels, interest levels, certifications, skill distribution and more available in your organisation . This is exactly what you need to build high-performing teams.

What you need
Choose a set of skills to filter from interface
Who has the skill
Discover who has the necessary skills interface
Build your team
Build a skills-based team in minutes
Skill Analysis

A new way to visualise skills and skill sets

Visualised data tells better stories about individuals, teams and organisations. Get to know employees and teams better with MuchSkills.

company specific skills that are unique to your organisation

Map the skills that enable your teams to do their best work

Create a unique list of skills that are relevant to your business and visualise it in your skill matrix. Users can easily map their skill levels and compare themselves to their colleagues. These beautifully visualised skill maps will be valuable as you build teams, plan upskilling and recruitment.

Company or org specific skills
Get skill insights in your org
Analyse skill distribution and competence levels in your skill matrix

Insights about every skill

Every skill has a dedicated page where you can analyse skill distribution to better understand your organisation’s competence levels. The skill may be a technical skill like Excel, a soft skill like problem-solving, or a skill specific to your organisation.

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Identify organization skill gaps and create opportunities for development

Real-time skill gap analysis

Identify skill gaps, upskilling, reskilling and recruitment opportunities. Get never-before-seen insights into your team’s skills and abilities and identify opportunities for team growth and development.

identify skill gaps
  • Number of employees per skill
  • ​​Skill level distribution
  • Discover the skills you didn’t know employees had
  • Set and monitor master lists of skills
  • Identify skill gaps
  • Strategise team member growth
  • Identify upskilling & recruitment opportunities

Competency requirement lists for roles, departments and teams

Create lists with the organisation’s core skills

Track the skills that matter the most. Set the skills you want to regularly analyse and monitor for each department, role, team or the entire organisation. Make it easy for everyone to understand what skills are required to do great work.

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Competency requirement lists for the skill matrix
Manage Certifications on MuchSkills
Track team certifications

Track certifications and proof of competence

Ensure you have the competence needed

Gain valuable insights into the organisation’s competency levels. Identify certifications that are about to or have expired. Discover skill gaps and identify opportunities for growth and development through upskilling or recruitment.

Skill Analysis

Smart mapping for skill and interest levels - Create a skill will matrix

Patent-pending data input solution

Employees can use MuchSkills’ patent-pending solution to map their interest levels in a skill. They can also record their skill levels using the smart 3x3 anti-bias scale that ranges from beginner to expert. As users enter their skill levels they can view their colleagues' skill levels for comparison and reference.

Build autonomous, agile high-performing teams

Easy to deploy and fun to use

Out-of-the-box skill categories & over 20,000 skills to choose from

Your employees will have fun building their skills profiles and visualising their growth goals. They can pick from over 20,000 skills spread across four skill categories – job focus, soft skills, technical competence, and certifications. Easily add customised skills and categories too.

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Why MuchSkills is better than a traditional skills matrix

The traditional skills matrix is a mess. It is:

  • Complicated – It quickly gets complicated if you have a large number of employees.
  • Updating it is a pain – Things change. But keeping this data up to date is a laborious process.
  • It’s difficult to read – Understanding Giselle Grant and her unique skills profile requires your eyes to move up and down 17 times. 🙄
Cute MuchSkills illustration of a dog throwing confetti

Boost employee engagement

MuchSkills’ insightful visualisation of each employee’s skills helps managers easily understand what energises them. With these insights, managers can enable them to focus on their strengths, which results in happier, more engaged and productive employees.

"Encouraging strengths identification, use, and development in human management practices can be an excellent way to promote work performance, thereby stimulating passion, vitality, and concentration at work"

2014 study published in
The Journal of Positive Psychology

"60% of employees say the ability to do what they do best in a role is ‘very important’ to them. This was ranked higher than ‘significant increase in income’ and stability and job security."

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