We love what we do at MuchSkills


Wow! A company that understands the importance of Design, Technology, Marketing, Data & Market insights. Such amaze! 🤓


Our mission – everyone should be happy at work

When we use our strengths at the workplace, we do our best work and are happier and more engaged employees.

In Europe, however, only 15% of employees are engaged at work. MuchSkills – a new way to visualize skills and skill sets – aims to change this by making it easy for all of us to share what we are good at, what gives us energy, and how we want to grow in the future with our colleagues and employers.

In short, our mission is to create a more productive, engaged, and happier work life for all.

The Team

Our priority is to constantly improve customer value and experience. We deliver inherent value for our end customers FIRST. As we do this, we ensure we have as much fun as possible. MuchSkills team members share the following traits:

Enjoy working in a team
Are multifaceted
Are nerdy 🤓
Help each other grow
Are self-motivated.
Enjoy understanding different competences.
Love to communicate and enjoy sharing their stories and experiences
Clearly understand the difference between being ‘busy’ and working efficiently.
Take initiatives to organize team activities and events.
Virtual team building activities

We work remotely

We create our best work when we feel the most productive. This may be at the local café during a sunny afternoon, on the couch at 8 pm, or right after downing our morning coffee.

Perhaps you would love to work out of Portugal in the summer and out of Japan in the winter? We don’t mind.

At MuchSkills, we support you to do your best work wherever and whenever you want to do it. We believe in hiring talent from all over the world and in flexible working hours.

A diverse and inclusive workplace

We are convinced that a diverse company is a strong company. The MuchSkills workplace is a friendly and open space towards people of all gender identities, sexual orientations, ethnicities, nationalities, and social backgrounds.

We believe that it is important for an individual to be able to express themselves at the workplace without the fear of being treated unfairly because they happen to be ‘different’.

We help you do your best work 

Most people look for a workplace that helps them do their best work. We promise to do our best to enable you to do great and meaningful work at MuchSkills.

Many things to celebrate 

MuchSkills is an open and fun workplace. We celebrate food, festivals, and pride. We’d love it if you’d add to that list.

MuchSkills celebrate

Who should apply?

If you believe in our mission to create a more productive, engaged, and happier work life, and if our values and work ethic resonate with you, we’d love to have you on our small but efficient team. Do apply. 🎈

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