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To be successful, we need the right people and skills for the job.  No matter if you are creating a project team or a permanent one, you start by defining what competencies you need and how many individuals of each.

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MuchSkills will recommend candidates who are the best fit 

As you add your skill requirements while building your team, MuchSkills will automatically create a list of recommended candidates based on their skills and competence levels. Simply add the experts you need for your team.

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Ensure you have the expertise needed for the job at hand

As you add team members you can easily review the competence level for each skill required. Ensure you have enough experts and intermediate-skilled individuals and create your ultimate team.

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Build and share skill pages with clients

More effective than CVs, interactive team skill pages that highlight the skills of your team is the most modern way to share the competency possessed by the team to deliver on any project.

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