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Create repeat sales, recommendations, and happy team members.

Deliver successful project by allocating the right talent using MuchSkills

Create formidable teams

Simply type in the start time, duration, deliverable type and set the skill sets needed.
MuchSkills will suggest the team members and skills that are available.


Set up project teams in minutes

Works well if you're a team of 20 or even 5,000. It's never been this easy.

Create projects on MuchSkills

1. Describe the project

This is the essential information about the project – title, duration,  documents and so on.

Identify the skills a project requires with MuchSkills

2. Select the skills you need

Add all the skills you need for your project, including soft skills & technical requirements.

Match the best fitting members for the created project on MuchSkills

3. See available members

Select individuals for the project by matching skills and availability.

Notify the team about projects on MuchSkills via Slack

4. Done! Notify the team

Give your team a heads up. No one likes a surprise project.

Remote teams or #WFH

Strengthen cross team collaboration & communication

MuchSkills is connected to Slack

Specific skill search

Search for a specific skill and get a full list of individuals who have the skills you seek.

Share a MuchSkills profile with clients, hr managers, recruiters or anyone else

Transparent availability

Parental leave every Thursday or away on vacation? Set and view availability in seconds.

Visualize delivery team skills

High-performing teams always have a great balance of skills. Ensure balance in your team by defining the skills needed and ensuring your employees join projects they really enjoy working with.

MuchSkills Organisation skill overview. MuchSkills

Impressive profile - ready to be shared

Share your team's public skill set map with anyone who wants to know what your team is capable of.

Effective utilization

Get suggested the most relevant candidates for upcoming projects and ensure client happiness as well as employee job satisfaction.

MuchSkills for a more productive, engaged and happier work life

Create long term engagement with happier customers

Repeat sales and recommendations come from great deliveries. By assigning the best team you ensure a great delivery and a happy client.

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The team will love you

Employee attrition or turnover is a real and expensive problem. The solution lies in ensuring project teams are not set up to fail. Assign the right person for the right job for satisfied clients and teams.

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