Deliver more successful projects and get happier clients

Create repeat sales, recommendations, and happy team members

Deliver successful project by allocating the right talent using MuchSkills

Create the most formidable team in minutes

Simply type in the start time, duration, deliverable type and set the skill sets needed. MuchSkills will suggest  what team members and skills you have available.

Powerful teams complement skills and skill sets. Use MuchSkills to create formidable teams
Visualize your team's skills and skillsets with MuchSkills

Visualize delivery team skills

Select team members and see how your skill set cloud changes. Create the perfect cloud for your project, maximize employee utilization and see what added skills your team brings with them.

Impressive profile ready to be shared

Share your team's public skill set map with anyone interested in know what your team is capable of.

Skills and Skill set clouds are ready to be shared easily via MuchSkills
Utilization doesn't have to be difficult. MuchSkills makes it easier

Effective utilization

Get suggested the most relevant candidates for upcoming projects and ensure client happiness as well as employee job satisfaction.

Long term engagement is possible with the right skills and skill set allocation with MuchSkills

Create long term engagement with happier customers

Repeat sales and recommendations come from great deliveries. By assigning the best team you ensure a great delivery and a happy client.

The team will love you

Employee attrition or turnover is a very real and expensive problem. The solution to which lies in ensuring project teams are not set up to fail. Assign the right person for the right job for a more satisfied team and client.

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Join our pre-release beta program and get some extra love and attention from us.

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