Assess the state of your workforce’s skills

Map skills & competence, discover skill gaps and optimise productivity effortlessly

MuchSkills and partners offers a program to help you define a company specific skills taxonomy, skills for key roles, map the employee skills and discover productivity increasing opportunities for individuals, teams and the organisation.

An example of a modern skill matrix

Understand the power of optimised teams

It’s extremely profitable to let everyone do their best work. Simply focus on each person's strengths and assign the right person to the job at hand 

Measure and track employee growth

Higher Productivity

Increase sales with optimized skills

Higher Sales

Increase profitability by organising the skills in your organisation

Higher Profitability

Project overview

In three steps, we will identify how your organisation can increase productivity.

Step 1
Skills taxonomy and roles


In a set of workshops we will define the organisation skill taxonomy and the skills for key roles. We break them down into smaller chunks to make it clear exactly what the skills consist of.

Step 2
Employee mapping

Preparation and mapping

Through  lunch and learn sessions we prepare the employees. We then deploy MuchSkills skill mapping tool to employees and collect their skills and competence. Each employee spends 5 min to self reflect and define their core skills.

Step 3


Our team will analyse the data and provide you a detailed report of your current skills and competence status. We will define productivity opportunities and give you hands-on advice and tools to increase team productivity.

Company or org specific skills
Step 1

Jointly we will define a skill taxonomy and your key roles

Discover organisation key productivity and cultural skills

We will help you define the key skills of the organisations that you want to promote, nurture and measure. In addition we will help you define key skills for specific departments, teams and roles.

Define skills required for org specific roles

We will define key skills for a selection of roles that are important for your organisation. This to make it easy to understand the skill gaps for individuals and identifiy opportunities for personal development. 

Software-specific features and functions

Some softwares are more important than others for certain roles. We help you map software competence levels and development languages so we can get a deep & precise understanding of each person’s proficiency.

We can slice the cake in any shape or form, and break down every software function even further if we like.

Step 2

Map employees’ skills

Data collection and smart competency mapping

Using a proven and research-based methodology we will collect skill and skill level data through an employee self assessment mapping. All data will be collected using the MuchSkills skills management platform and will be readily available for the organisation after the project.

Skill Analysis
Get skill insights in your org
Step 3
Analysing the data

And identifying opportunities for organisational growth

Using the collected data we will analyse your current state to identify:
- software adoption issues
- behavioral skill gaps 
- general skill gaps 
- department/team skill gaps
- key role skill gaps 
- general productivity opportunities

Result & recommendations

Hands-on advice that leads to real results

We will provide you a full report of our findings with clear and actionable recommendations for how you can increase productivity. If desirable we can also help you implement the recommendations and train your team to continuously analyse skills as the team change and grow.

identify skill gaps
Build autonomous, agile high-performing teams


Adjusted to your organisation

Starting at €3000/$3260 per project

Price depends on your organisation size and the analysis effort you want us to make. Together with you we will define the scope and we will create a well defined work package and price for you.

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