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Creating an account

I am an individual, what is the cost?
There was an error when I created my account. What do I do?
I want to change my email address.

Your Profile

How do I increase/decrease the size of the bubbles?
How do I change my profile image?
How can I share my profile with others?
How do I share my profile with my CV?
I want my Technical Skills to be in the center. How do I fix that?
On my Dashboard and in my Profile there are 'Quick notes & goals'. What should I use this for?
Can I embed my skills overview to my own website page?


How do I update my availability?
It says I am unavailable but I did not add anything in the Dashboard?


What's a team?
I can’t see my team overview
How many teams can I be a member of?
How to create a team?

Skill search and overview

How do I find a person with a specific skill?
Under TEAM I see hearts and people. What is that?
I sometimes see the circles marked in yellow or black, what does that mean?
There are numbers on the bubbles. What does that mean?


How to create a Project Team?
When I create a new project, I see that I can add tags. What is that for?
How do I select skills for my project?
How do I ensure I have the right team members and skills for my project?

Deleting an account

I don’t want to use your service anymore. How do I delete my account?