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How to set up custom/company specific skills for your organisation

Custom skills are the organisation’s perspective of skills. In these categories, organisations add skills that are relevant and important to the organisation, and employees then choose the skills they bring to the table from this list.

There are no limitations to adding skills in this category, and MuchSkills customers map everything from animal nutrition and environmental expertise to soft skills of lawyers, SAP implementation to SalesForce development. The key is to map the skills that matter to your organisation.

To set up your own skill set, click on ‘TEAM/ORG’ in the top menu and then click on ‘Settings’ tab on the right. Click on ‘Manage Skills’ and then ‘+ Skill Category’. Add a name for your skill set and choose if you want it displayed as a bubble chart or sector chart. Now add skills, description of the skills, what department that can select the listed skill and if the skill is mandatory.

Bubble chart

Skill Matrix example as a bubble visualisation

Pick the bubble chart display if the skills you want to map are not easy to compare or measure. When you use this display, once employees add skills, they can tap on the bubbles to increase or decrease their size to indicate what they are more interested in or knowledgeable about.

Sector chart

Skill matrix example alternative as a sector chart

Pick the sector chart if the skills you want to map can be compared with others. When you use this display, employees add their skills and can rate themselves as ‘Beginner’, ‘Intermediate’ or ‘Expert’ in those skills. Employees will also be able to compare their skill levels with those of their colleagues.

Create company specific skill databases
Adding Skills, Departments & Mandatory Skills

Adding skills and descriptions

Once you created your skill category you can add skills and a description for each skill. The name of the skill and description will be displayed when users pick skills from you custom skill category under the section ‘MY SKILLS’.


Some skills are very specific to a certain department. When you choose ‘ALL’ it means the skill will be available to all users. If you select a specific departments it means only users that are members in these departments can see and pick these skills.


This feature is valuable if you want to measure the skill level of a certain skill for all users of a specific department.

It's possible to make a skill mandatory for a specific department. This means that the skill will be deployed to all users of that department and users will be able to modify their skill/interest level once deployed. Select skills and departments that should have mandatory skills. Once you are done click ‘Deploy Mandatory Skills’ to activate and push out the skill to all users.

Watch the quick set-up video

We recommend that you watch this video to learn more about custom skills.