Manage Certifications on MuchSkills
Track team certifications

Organisation-wide employee certification tracking

Ensure you have the required competence and credentials

Use MuchSkills to create an attractive visualisation of all the certifications in your organisation. Employee certification tracking has never been easier.


Get a complete overview of your team’s certifications and qualifications 

Users easily add their certifications and you get insights into your team’s qualifications – in a single view. Assess if your team has the recommended or mandatory certifications, identify areas of improvement, and plan upskilling and recruitments accordingly.

Certification tracking software

Analyse certification status

Insights about every certification

Every certification has a dedicated page where you can analyse certifications per department and location and clearly see what certifications have expired or are about to expire. Quickly identify employees who lack necessary certifications. 

Certification Tracking Software Insights
Certificate tracking with MuchSkills Skills Management Software
Keep track of key certifications

Create lists with the organisation’s core certifications

Track the certifications that matter the most. Set the certifications you want to regularly monitor for each department, role, team, location, or the entire organisation.

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Visualise the organisation skills as well  

Get a complete overview of your team’s skill sets

MuchSkills’ skills management platform helps you to map all workforce skills and gives you clear insights into the skills, competencies, skill levels, interest levels, certifications, skill distribution and more of all employees.

skills lists
build skills-based teams
showcase my technical skills
filter skills in teams
analyze skills gaps
View the skills of team members
skills overview
skills expertise distribution
map org certifications

Add certifications and skills to competency requirement lists for roles, departments and teams

Do you require your Project Managers to have certain certifications? Add skills and certifications into competency requirement lists and make it easy for everyone to know what is required for each role. Employees can easily compare their skill sets to the desired one.

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Competency requirement lists for the skill matrix
Certification reminder
Automatic email reminders

Users receive automated email reminders when tracked certifications are about to expire so that they remember to update these certifications.

Certification list templates
Templates and certifications database

Thousands of certifications to choose from

Use our built in templates to set up requirement lists and users can easily select standard certifications from Citrix, Google, AMA and many more. 

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Build skills-& certification based teams in minutes

Create teams based on competence and skills

MuchSkills’ Team Builder enables you to assemble teams in minutes. After that, share the team page with all members so that everyone is aware of the superpowers they are expected to bring with them.

Skill Analysis

Easy to deploy and fun to use

Out-of-the-box skill categories & over 20,000 skills & certifications to choose from

Your employees will have fun building their skills profiles and visualising their growth goals. They can pick from over 20,000 skills & certifications spread across four skill categories – job focus, soft skills, technical competence, and certifications. Easily add customised skills and categories too.

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