Check ISO competence standards compliance

Ensure your organisation is compliant with ISO competence standards with skills mapping platform MuchSkills

Determine the competency of employees, ensure they are qualified on the basis of education, training, and experience to help your organisation comply with ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 standards.

skills overview
Assess staff competency holistically

Get to know the current skills and expertise levels of all your employees. Identify any skill gaps so that you can bridge them with the help of a skills or competency development program.

Search for specific skills
Map and visualise skills easily

Managers get a comprehensive overview of the entire workforce – a visualised skills matrix of sorts. That’s not all, they can also set up a visualised skills and competency matrix relevant only to ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 compliance. 

analyze skills gaps
Powerful competency gap analysis for your teams

The groundbreaking Skill Gap Analysis function helps managers identify skill gaps in teams easily so that they can take steps to bridge those gaps via training/learning and development. 

Company or org specific skills
Custom skill sets

Managers can set up custom skill sets where they list “mandatory” or “must have” skills that employees must pick from and rank their proficiency levels while setting up their skills profiles. Alternatively, use our out-of-the-box ISO 9001-competency compliance skill set template.

Employee goal setting initiatives
Plan and define growth initiatives and upskilling journeys

Whether you lack certain competencies or just like to be one step ahead, our upcoming release will allow you to plan and document upskilling and educational initiatives to comply specifically with Clause 7.5 (Documented Information) of ISO 9001. 

Bring the organisation’s skills & competencies to light

Take a strategic approach to skills management and growth with the help of a visualised skills matrix

To be successful, we need the right people and skills for the job. MuchSkills gives you a comprehensive overview of your organisation’s skills, competencies, skill levels, interest levels, certifications, skill distribution and much more. This is exactly what you need to build high-performing teams.

Skills overview graphic
Skill Analysis

Easy to deploy and fun to use

Out-of-the-box skill categories & over 20,000 skills & certifications to choose from

Your employees will have fun building their skills profiles and visualising their growth goals. They can pick from over 20,000 skills & certifications spread across four skill categories – job focus, soft skills, technical competence, and certifications. Easily add customised skills and categories too.

Skills and competency data at your fingertips

Department managers

In relation to a Quality Management System, a Department Manager’s priority is to ensure all employees have the required competencies. They also need to review training and competency records with employees, and assist Human Resources with plans for training and competency development for each individual.

MuchSkills lets managers map skills and plan goals and upskilling activities in an easy and intuitive manner. 

Managers and team leaders

To comply with ISO 9001’s 7.2 Competence clause, a manager or team leader needs to create competency requirements for supervised employees. Further, they need to ensure employees are “competent on the basis of appropriate education, training, or experience” and have documented information as evidence of competence.

MuchSkills offers organisations a solid solution with intuitive skill mapping, a skill gap analysis tool and ‘how to’ playbooks.

Human Resources

At the heart of HR lies the task to maximise employee productivity. To do so, employees must understand skill requirements, and how they can achieve certain levels of expertise. HR’s tasks in relation to ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 Competence, Awareness, and Documented Information clause are to: 

  • Make the right training opportunities available to employees, and assist managers with training plans.
  • Keep a record of all competence in the team as well as previous training undertaken.

MuchSkills equips HR with the tools to keep track of all certificates in the team, plan upskilling journeys, and map all competencies holistically. 

To have an ISO-compliant Management System you need the right tools

skills overview
Map all competencies

Create a competency and skills matrix with MuchSkills and get insights into your team’s strengths and weaknesses – in a single view. Assess if your team has the skills your organisation needs to be successful, identify areas of improvement and plan future recruitments accordingly.

Define team skills to be more effective
Conduct skill gap and training needs analysis

Easily create a skills profile that meets compliance requirements and see how your team members measure up against it. Additionally, your new and current employees can add certificates and skills from previous workplaces. All this will help you determine if you are already meeting or exceeding the standards of your ISO management system.

Company or org specific skills
Create custom skill categories

Create and set a list of unique skills your team can pick from. Add multiple skill sets to easily distinguish between different skill types and assign them to different teams, departments, or locations. 

Certification Tracking Software Insights
Document competence and training efforts

MuchSkills is a data visualisation tool and database in one. Facilitate ISO 9001’s 7.5 Documented Information clause with secure and compliant mapping and storage of skills, competencies, upskilling initiatives and certifications. Add your own certifications and track their expiration date too.

Employee goal setting initiatives
Define and document goals and growth journeys

Define and document what resources are useful for upskilling, and what your requirements are for different skill levels. Create unique upskilling journeys and plans for each employee.

Define your own requirements or use one of our research-based ISO 9001 skills matrix templates

Start with a template, and modify it in any way you like

Functional Competence
Personal competence
Values competence
QM – principles, methods, techniques
Drawing up QMS documentation
Active listening
ISO 9001 standard
Analysis of information and formulating proposals for improvement activities
ISO 9000 series of standards
Organising, chairing meetings
Methods of studying needs, the satisfaction of customers
Conducting improvement activities
Setting goals, monitoring their achievement
Organisation of audits
Influencing others
Process management
Organisation of training
Analytical thinking
Organisation of supply and methods of supply control
Public speeches
Critical thinking
Involvement in QM activities
Change management
Communication skills
Conflict management
The functioning of the organisation
Diagnosing, naming and controlling emotions
Functioning in the organisation industry specification
Advisory and training market

Source: International Journal for Quality Research

Visualise the organisation skills as well  

Get a complete overview of your team’s skill sets

MuchSkills’ skills management platform helps you to map all workforce skills and gives you clear insights into the skills, competencies, skill levels, interest levels, certifications, skill distribution and more of all employees.

skills lists
build skills-based teams
showcase my technical skills
filter skills in teams
analyze skills gaps
View the skills of team members
skills overview
skills expertise distribution
map org certifications
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