Employee one-on-one tips

Build a strengths-based workplace

Get insights into your team's soft skills, job interests and even the technical skills they work with – in a single view.

Get a complete overview of your team's skill sets

Create a skill & competency matrix with MuchSkills and get insights into your team’s strengths and weaknesses – in a single view. Assess if your team has the skills the organisation needs, identify areas of improvement, and plan future projects and recruitments accordingly.

Skills overview graphic
Inclusive skills mapping with MuchSkills

Map the skills of your team in an inclusive way

Capture what the employee brings to the table and what you ask of them too

Skill Will Matrix - Employee point of view illustration
The employee’s point of view
What each person offers your team

Individuals express themselves and tell the team what they feel their superpowers are using three categories: job focus, soft skills, and technical skills. Employers can use this data to better understand people, identify growth & upskilling opportunities and build a strengths-focused organisation.

Map all org specific skills illustration
The organisation’s point of view
Adding company specific skills has never been this easy

Every team has thousands of skills. To achieve our mission, we only need a few of these. Add custom skill sets to map the skills that are important for your team and quickly pick employees with those exact skills for projects to deliver more value to your customers.

The employee’s point of view

Job focus matters

Our skills are not static, they change over time. MuchSkills helps individuals visualise their strengths as a cluster of dynamic and prioritised skills. Job focus is what you know well and enjoy working with. It’s an expression of interest and energy. 

The employee’s point of view

Soft skills are key

MuchSkills’ smart interaction patterns allow individuals to easily input skills and prioritise what they believe are integral to their success at work. Soft skills are our personal attributes that help us succeed at our job.

The employee’s point of view

Technical skills as an enabler

There are no limits to the tools we use when we work, which is why we are always learning how to use them. Team members grade themselves on the MuchSkills' three-point scale and keep a track of their skills growth over time.

The employee’s point of view

Certifications a proof of competence

As we take courses, classes and attend workshops we receive certificates to prove our competence and level of mastery. 

Track professional certification software interface

The organisation’s point of view

Add company specific skills

Create teams based on competence, skills and prevent selection bias

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Choose the type of visualisation - custom skill sets
Choose the type of visualisation

Choose how you want your team to visualise skill categories that are important for your organisation – be it the bubble chart or the 3x3 expertise scale.

Set a list of skills the team can select from
Set a list of skills the team can select from

Create your own unique list of skills. Map everything from animal nutrition and environmental expertise to soft skills of lawyers, SAP implementation or SalesForce development. The choice is yours.

Add multiple skill sets
Add multiple skill sets

You can easily add new skill sets as your teams grow and evolve.

One-on-ones made easy

With more skills transparency, employees can discuss how they can be enabled to do their best job.

The MuchSkills 3x3 expertise scale
MuchSkills PlaybooksMuchSkills PlaybooksMuchSkills Playbooks

Playbooks for high-performing teams

Research-based instructions and formulas

Instructions and templates for project management, check-ins, virtual team building, how to set goals, build agile teams and much more.

View Playbooks for high-performing teams
Set up your org chart with muchskills

Get to know your colleagues and their superpowers better

An interactive organisation hierarchy

View an automated, organic and interactive organisation visualisation of your organisation chart and reporting structure. Employees can easily find people and teams, get to know more about them, and view everyone’s top skills.

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MuchSkills Automated Organizational Chart

Bring org skills & competency to light

Take a strategic approach to skill management and growth

To be successful, we need the right people and skills for the job. MuchSkills gives you clear insights into the skills, competencies, skill levels, interest levels, certifications, skill distribution and more available in your organisation . This is exactly what you need to build high-performing teams.

What you need
Choose a set of skills to filter from interface
Who has the skill
Discover who has the necessary skills interface
Build your team
Build a skills-based team in minutes
Search for specific skills
Specific skill search

Find the right team or individual for the job

Search for a specific skill and get a list of all employees who have the skills you seek. Also view their skill levels and interest in using that skill.

MuchSkills Skills profile
Every user has a beautiful profile to share

Proudly share your superpowers. Each user has a unique MuchSkills profile that can be shared internally and also be made public.

Freelancers and consultants in your skills matrix
Include freelancers & consultants too

If one in seven workers today is freelancing, why should organisations keep them out of their talent pool? We give you the ability to include freelancers and external consultants on the MuchSkills platform so that you can manage your skills pool effortlessly.

Visualise your organization’s skills & certifications like never before

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