Increase productivity, sales and profitability

To be successful, we need the right people and skills for the job

An organization innovation program to build Strengths-Based Workplaces

Create a MuchSkills profile and visualize your skills

Only 10% of employees are engaged in Europe

We think this needs to change. Employees should feel engaged and happy at work.

Teams that understand each other perform better. Create engaged teams with MuchSkills

Dramatically improve workforce productivity

We will help HR to identify, empower and develop the team's natural strengths.

Sales managers can get better insights and more accurate project allocations with MuchSkills

50,000 business units in 45 countries agree

Gallup research states that strengths interventions improve profits & sales by up to 29%.

Get all the tools to help your teams focus on their strengths

What are your soft skillsSet your availability - MuchSkills10% of employees in Europe are engaged
Soft Skills are importantWhat are your soft skills?Invite your entire team to MuchSkills
Set your technical expertise level with MuchSkillsSee the expertise level of your colleagues easily with MuchSkillsMuchSkills loves working with Employee Engagement
Project Management is a walk in the park when done rightWhat is your Job Focus? MuchSkills works best for large teams

Search and map skills

MuchSkills lets you map the strengths of project teams and even your entire organization in minutes. If you work with freelancers, add them too.

Search and map skills
Easily add external consultants to your team with MuchSkills Teams

Always know where your strengths lie

Discover the collective skill sets of teams or project groups and quickly identify skill gaps that may damage your organization’s ability to deliver projects successfully.

Build a strengths-based workplace

MuchSkills facilitates better team conversations and helps individuals do their best work by creating transparency by adding a goal-driven coaching approach.

Learn more about MuchSkills Methodology
Search for teams with the right soft skills or hard skills with MuchSkills

Selling project teams? MuchSkills can help you identify the perfect team

With a searchable skills pool it’s easier for sales or account directors to assign employees to projects more accurately. Let's deliver successful projects for happier teams and clients.

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Team work with MuchSkills

The team will love you

Employee attrition or turnover is a real and expensive problem. The solution lies in ensuring project teams are not set up to fail. Assign the right person for the right job for satisfied clients and teams.

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How we help you

The MuchSkills app

It’s fast and easy to implement and you can help individuals, teams and organizations perform better.

Data visualization is key to understanding what teams and individuals work with MuchSkills

Success tools

You will receive all sales collateral demos, training/workshop content,  tools, guides and support.

Search for the best skilled teams with MuchSkills Search

First class support

Our team is available to help you resolve any issues and we constantly work on improving the innovation program.

Talk with a strengths-based workplace specialist

Let's discuss how we can work together to help you increase engagement, productivity and profitability with MuchSkills.

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