Perfect for growing teams

Each member of the team is aware of the skill sets their colleagues bring to the table, be it their current job focus, software competence or soft skills.

MuchSkills is perfect for teams

Identify the right team, for the right job

Visualising skills allows your colleagues to understand your obvious and hidden skills. Don’t stop developing a skill just because people forget the entire spectrum of your competencies.

For Sales  managers
Use MuchSkills to identify the right team for the job
Create a skills cloud cluster simply with MuchSkills

Built for diverse teams

Every job is nuanced and it's important that everyone in your team understands Let everyone understand the nuances of being a designer, developer, project manager or even a business designer.

Add team members to your MuchSkills team easily

Easily add consultants & freelancers

Employee or consultant, it does not matter. You can easily invite external team members and you will be able to search across the skills and skill sets of both employees and consultants.

Personal skills development and management is now easy with MuchSkills app and desktop app

One-on-ones made easy

Now you and your team manager can keep a track of your personal skills development and set goals related to both software and soft skills.

For Team Managers

Designed for self-accountability

Set goals and career ambitions and work towards them together.

Create an individuals MuchSkills data visualization in a few minutes

Clearly visualize job focus, soft skills or software competence

Clear visualization of such skills makes it easy for team members and colleagues to get a better understanding of what teams or individuals are capable of.

Set goals together

Let your closed team know what your core competencies and skills are such as the softwares you are proficient in and your soft skills.

Keep a track of goals and HR discussions with MuchSkills

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And unlock the magical equation of high resource utilization and employee job satisfaction, lower attrition and increased client satisfaction.

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Such Amaze, Much Skills