Perfect for teams that collaborate and share skill sets

Don’t assign the wrong person for the job and don’t get assigned to the wrong job

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Not so hidden talents

Visualising skills allows your colleagues to understand your obvious and hidden skills. Don’t stop developing a skill just because people forget the entire spectrum of your competencies.

For Sales & Client managers
Design Skills Cloud

More than just a designer or developer or entrepreneur

Let everyone understand the nuances of being a designer, developer, project manager or even a business designer.

For Individuals

Personal skills development

Now you and your team manager can keep a track of your personal skills development. Both software and soft skills. We’ve also added interests & hobbies, because software doesn’t define you.

For Team Managers

Share your skills page

If you’ve got it flaunt it.

Share your beautifully visualized skills page with your current team or even your future employer. Let them understand what makes you, you.

Share publicly

Share your public skills map with your professional network or potential employer.

Share within your team

Let your closed team know what are your core competencies and skills. Share the softwares you work with and even your soft skills.

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And unlock the magical equation of high utilization and employee job satisfaction. Lower employee turnover and attrition and increase client satisfication.

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