Perfect for growing teams

Strengthen cross team collaboration & communication by giving your team the ability to view each other's strengths and skills.

MuchSkills is perfect for teams

Build skill-based teams in minutes

Create teams based on competence, skills and prevent selection bias

MuchSkills Team Builder enables you to assemble teams in minutes. After that, share the team page with all members and let everyone know the superpowers they are expected to bring to the team.

What you need

Select the skills and competencies you need for a project or team.

Choose a set of skills to filter from interface
Who has the skill

MuchSkills will recommend candidates who are the best fit on the basis of their skills profile.

Discover who has the necessary skills interface
Build your team

Select the most suitable candidate and create your ultimate team.

Build a skills-based team in minutes
Share with others

Share the team page with team members, clients and collaborators so that everyone is aware of the strengths each person brings to the table.

Share with others
MuchSkills PlaybooksMuchSkills PlaybooksMuchSkills Playbooks

Playbooks for high-performing teams

Research-based instructions and formulas

Instructions and templates for project management, check-ins, virtual team building, how to set goals, build agile teams and much more.

View Playbooks for high-performing teams
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Know everyone's superpowers

Map the entire organisation's skills and ensure everyone uses their superpowers.

Skills overview graphic
Strengthen cross team collaboration and communication

Strengthen cross team collaboration & communication

Search for specific skills
Specific skill search

Find the right team or individual for the job

Search for a specific skill and get a list of all employees who have the skills you seek. Also view their skill levels and interest in using that skill.

MuchSkills Skills profile
Every user has a beautiful profile to share

Proudly share your superpowers. Each user has a unique MuchSkills profile that can be shared internally and also be made public.

Freelancers and consultants in your skills matrix
Include freelancers & consultants too

If one in seven workers today is freelancing, why should organisations keep them out of their talent pool? We give you the ability to include freelancers and external consultants on the MuchSkills platform so that you can manage your skills pool effortlessly.

Employee one-on-one tips

Map the skills of your team in an inclusive way

Capture what the employee brings to the table and what you ask of them too

Visualise your organization’s skills & certifications like never before

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skills lists
build skills-based teams
showcase my technical skills
filter skills in teams
analyze skills gaps
View the skills of team members
skills overview
skills expertise distribution
map org certifications
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