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Visualize and map your skills beautifully

Let others get a clearer picture of what you love doing and enjoy working with.

Visualize and map your skills beautifully with MuchSkills

It's easy to create your skills map

MuchSkills lets you visualize your three core skill attributes, job focus, soft skills and technical competence.

Create a skills map of yourself
MuchSkills - You

Job focus

This is what you know well and enjoy working with.

Soft skills

These are your personal attributes that help you succeed.

Technical competence

All the tools that enable you to successfully complete a job.

Your skills and skill sets are your superpowers

Show the world your superpowers

We all have them, and we all have a role to fill. We just need to make sure we are in the right role for a more engaged and happier work life.

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MuchSkills > Cover Letter > CV

CVs are hard to scan. Stand out from the crowd with a beautiful visual representation of your core skills.

Better than a CV
Share your skills profile on Linkedin and other social networking sites

Shareable and impressive

Share your MuchSkills strengths profile with your professional network or potential employer.

Understand your growth potential

Do you know what you want out of your career? Visualise all the skills you’ll need on your journey and decide which ones to work on.

Grade your skills and understand your growth potential

Designed for

Are there any skills you want to develop or new technical skills you want to learn? List them on MuchSkills and track your proficiency over time.

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Team skills can help you learn from each other

Learn from each other

Find the most skilled member of your team to learn from or someone to mentor. Either way, you’ll grow together.

Join one or multiple teams with MuchSkills.

Connect your skills to your organization's skills pool

Bridge the gap between Sales & Client directors by helping them better understand the kind of projects you love working on.

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Design your future

Plan your career trajectory and use MuchSkills to help the people around you understand which way you want to go.

Plan your future skills growth easily with MuchSkills

It's time to stand out

MuchSkills makes it possible for you to finally communicate your skills and strengths in a way that's not tedious. Let's work with what energizes us.

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Build a modern team skills matrix

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