MuchSkills celebrate

Your journey towards a more fulfilling work life starts here

We are thrilled that you have chosen MuchSkills to showcase your skills to your friends and colleagues. Below, you will find videos on how to make the best use of all our features. Use the chat on the bottom right of the page if you have any further questions.

How to set up your personal profile

Use your MuchSkills profile to show your colleagues what skills you have and those you are interested in developing further. Help everyone help you work with what you enjoy. 

How to find specific skills & also see what skills your colleagues bring to the table

Do you need to create a formula in Excel but don't know how to? Are you a team leader who desperately needs to find someone with a specific technical skill to join your team? 

Use MuchSkills to scan your organisation’s skill database to find colleagues who have the skills you need.

How to create a skills-based project team

Maybe your team comprises 20 people, maybe 37 or how about 213? With MuchSkills you can create a skills-based project team in just a minute.

How to find people and their superpowers in MuchSkills

Finding people and their skills has never been this easy. By searching through skills or using an org chart, find exactly who you need for the task at hand.

How to do skill analysis and gap analysis

Learn how you can use MuchSkills to effectively analyse and identify skill gaps, upskilling and reskilling opportunities. Understand your team’s skills and abilities in a new way and identify opportunities for team growth and development.

We show you how to track the skills that matter most. For each department, role, or anything you like, set the skills you want to analyse and constantly monitor as people join & leave the organisation and the employees grow their skills.

Visualisation helps you understand what skills you have and where you have skill gaps. In this video we show you how you can use MuchSkills Team/Org overview to do general and explorative skill analysis.