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How to use tags to analyse and organise skills data

How to use tags to filter or organise data 

A tag is a marker that you can put on a team in Team Builder, on a list in the Analysis section, or on an individual. A tag can be a client’s name (eg tagging employees across departments who work for that client), it could be a role (eg project manager or leader) and so on.  For those familiar with Twitter, tags are like #hashtags that are a way to identify and discover content related to a specific topic from the millions of tweets that are tweeted every day. 

By using tags in MuchSkills you can organise – and subsequently analyse – skills data much more efficiently.

How to create tags

Click on ‘TEAM/ORG’ in the main menu and choose ‘SETTINGS’. Halfway down the left column of the page that opens is the term ‘MANAGE TAGS’. Click on it and on the right you’ll see any existing tags you have. To create a new tag, click on the green ‘NEW TAG’ button on the top right and name the tag. As mentioned earlier, the tag can be a client’s name or a role or anything else. Once a tag is created you can tag individuals or teams.

How to tag individuals

Click on ‘TEAM/ORG’ and then ‘SETTINGS’. In the left column of the page that opens, click on ‘MANAGE MEMBERS’. You’ll see a list of all members in the team or organisation. There are several columns to the right of each name that give their details such as department, location and direct manager. The fifth column says ‘TAGS’. Go to the name of the individual you want to tag and click on the drop-down menu in the ‘TAG’ column and select any of the tags you want them tagged with.

Watch video to learn how to use tags for analysis

In this video we demonstrate how to set up tags and then use these tags to filter views, organise skills analysis lists and teams you created in Team Builder. We will show you how tags can help you use filters so that you can conduct skills gap analysis efficiently and also allow you to learn more about the skills certain cohorts – for example, leaders – bring to the table. 

Skills Tag Manager