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How to find specific skills & also see what skills your colleagues bring to the table

Do you need to create a formula in Excel but don't know how to? Are you a team leader who needs to find someone with a specific technical skill to join your team? 

Use MuchSkills to scan your organisation’s skill database to find colleagues who have the skills you need.

How to find a specific skill among your colleagues

Click on ‘TEAM/ORG’ on the main menu bar and select ‘OVERVIEW’. The view that opens displays all the skills and skills categories available in the organisation. To find a particular skill, click on ‘SEARCH’ in the top left and type the name of the skill you are looking for. 

If you are searching for a technical skill, you will find it in the technical skill category in the view that opens. The colour coding – black, green and yellow – denotes the different expertise levels available. To find all the experts in that skill, click on the black bar to see their names and view their profiles. Green denotes intermediate skilled and yellow denotes beginners. 

To find people with this skill from a specific department or location click on the ‘FILTER’ function and choose the filters that will give you the results you want.

How to view all the skills your colleagues bring to the table

Perhaps you don’t know what exactly you are looking for and you just want a look at, say, all the technical skills in the organisation. For that, go back to ‘Overview’ and in the ‘Technical Skills’ section, click on ‘VIEW’. This takes you to a page whose opening view displays a list of all the technical skills in the organisation, the expertise levels (through the colour coded bars) and the number of people who have listed this skill in their profile. 

For a deeper dive, click on each of the colour bars to see the names of the colleagues who have this skill, and you can also go on to view their profile.

Besides discovering new skills or skills you never knew your colleagues had, there’s a lot you can discover by playing around in the skills overview page. 

Watch this video for a detailed guide

For a detailed guide on how to efficiently look for skills in your organisation using the search and filter functions – and for other tips and tricks to find and analyse skills in your organisation – watch the video below.

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