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How to create a skills-based team - Team builder

MuchSkills Team Builder helps you build autonomous, agile and high-performing teams based on competence and skills. This is a short guide on how you can use the ‘Team Builder’ function that our customers love. For a detailed visual guide on how to use Team Builder that includes many useful tips and tricks, do watch the video demonstration at the very end.

How to set up a team

Click on ‘TEAM BUILDER’ in the main menu. The overview that opens displays all the teams that already exist in the organisation. To create a new team, click on the green ‘BUILD TEAM’ button on the top right. A form opens. You will be asked for a team name, a description of the team, a start and end date, any reference links (project brief, client materials etc) and so on. Fill all the details in that form. Click ‘SAVE AND CONTINUE’. A new view opens.

How to select skills and competencies

The next step is to add the skills the team needs to fulfill the team’s objectives and goals. Click on the box that says ‘SEARCH SKILLS TO ADD TO LIST’ and start listing all the skills you need. A list is created below. One of the columns (‘Members Needed’) asks you to fill how many people you need per skill, so fill that box up accordingly.

Once you are done with adding skills and competencies, scroll down and you will be presented with a list of all the people in the organisation who a part or complete match for the combination of skills you have listed above. To filter these results for a specific department or location, click on ‘FILTER’ and select the relevant one. Then, use the plus sign on the side of each name to add them to the list. Don’t worry about adding too many names because you will be able to drop the extra names in the next step: identifying the right people with the right skill levels.

How to identify the right people and skill level

It is not enough to have people with a certain skill in the team – they must possess a specific skill level. For instance, if Javascript is a key skill and you need three team members who know Javascript, at least two members must be experts in the programming language for the project to succeed, right?

To assess if you have the required skill levels from your selection, look at the ‘Distribution’ column that displays the skill levels available among all the members you have selected.

If you have too many intermediate-skilled people in Javascript and no experts, play around with all the names you have added to the team (in the ‘Members Selected’ column) and select the people with exactly the skill levels needed. Doing so will ensure you create an amazing team full of the right experts.

The video at the end of this guide explains this process in detail so do watch the demonstration for more clarity about this process.

How to review the team's composition  

Once you are satisfied with the draft team's composition, click on the green ‘DONE & VIEW TEAM’ BUTTON. This takes you to a page where you can view the team and their profiles and double check if this is the composition you want.

How to share the team page with team members

To share this draft team with collaborators, members and collaborators or the entire organisation, click on the downward arrow beside the blue ‘LAUNCH TEAM’ button and choose the relevant option.

If you set the draft team to be visible to the ‘Team and Collaborators’, all members will be able to view details like the team’s composition, why they have specifically been chosen for the team, a visual summary of the team’s collective skills and so on before you launch the team. This is valuable information because research has shown that when team members are aware of each other’s skills, productivity can improve more than 10%.

How to launch a team

Once everything is in place for the project to be launched, click on the ‘LAUNCH TEAM” button. Good luck!

Don't miss the video demonstration of this entire process

As mentioned earlier, the video below is a detailed visual guide on how you can do all of the above. Do watch it to get more information on:

  • The Team Builder Overview and how you can filter among team
  • How to set up your team
  • How to select skills and competencies
  • Identify the right people and skill level  
  • How to review team composition  
  • How to share the team page with team members
  • How to manage access and view rights of a team