How to set personal growth and development goals

How to set up your personal profile

Your MuchSkills profile is where you show your colleagues your job focus – your strengths, what gives you energy – as well as your soft skills, technical skills, certifications and any skills your company has set for its employees.

Your skills profile tells your colleagues a lot about you and helps them understand what work you truly enjoy doing. An updated skills profile will help set you up for a more fruitful and enjoyable career. 

How to add, edit or update your profile

Go to your photo on the top right and click ‘VIEW PROFILE’. The page that opens will have everything that you have already fed into the system. To add, edit or update the information in your profile or to change your profile photo, click on ‘EDIT PROFILE’ just below your photo on the top left. 

Once you click on ‘EDIT PROFILE’ the first page that opens contains most of the details of your profile. Once you are done with this section, click on the different tabs on the top bar – ‘Notes’, ‘Team’, ‘Experience’ and so on – to update other details such as the teams you are part of, your direct report, your job experience and so on.

TIP: In the ‘VIEW PROFILE’ page, ‘Job Focus’ is the default pinned skill. But let’s say you are a developer and would like your ‘Technical Skills’ to be the highlight of your skills profile, all you need to do is click the downward arrow on the right of the technical skills category display and select ‘PIN TO THE TOP’.

How to add or edit your skills

Click on ‘MY SKILLS’ in the top menu. In the page that opens, a column on the left lists all the skill categories available to edit. On the right, by default, a detailed view of the ‘Job Focus’ section is displayed. To edit ‘Job Focus’, click on the ‘+ADD/EDIT’ button on the top right and add or remove skills. 

To edit other skills categories such as ‘Soft Skills’ and ‘Technical Skills’ click on any of these categories on the left column and a detailed view opens up on the right. Here too, click on ‘+ADD/EDIT’ to add or remove any skills.

To change the size of any bubble (bigger indicates you are good at that skill + you are very interested in using that skill), just click/tap/drag one of them and its size will increase with the other bubbles correspondingly decreasing in size. 

How to add or edit Certifications

Click on ‘Certifications’ in the left column and on the right, a detailed view opens up that lists any existing certifications. Below this is a form that you can fill to add a new certification. Once done, click ‘SAVE’. To add another certification, click on the green ‘ADD CERTIFICATION’ button to open a new form.

Do watch the video below for a deep dive into how to add skills and update your profile so that you can get the most value out of it.