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How to use the certification tracking in MuchSkills

Certification tracking gives you valuable insights into the organisation’s competency levels. Use this feature to see if employees have required certifications, track whether these are expiring or have expired, and more! This feature helps you ensure you always have the competencies needed. It also enables you to discover skill gaps and identify opportunities for growth and development through upskilling.

How to add certifications

Go to My Skills in the top menu and then click on ‘CERTIFICATIONS’.

If you have added certifications previously, they will be listed on the right. If not, you will see a form there. Fill in this form to add your first certification.

To add more certifications, click on the green ‘ADD CERTIFICATION’ button and fill the form that opens.

Add Certifications interface in MuchSkills

After you have filled all fields in the form, click ‘SAVE’. If you have added a certification that is not in the MuchSkills database, the certification will be reviewed before it appears on your profile.

Reporting - Organisational overview of certifications

To see overviews and reports of all certifications in the organisation, click on ‘TEAM/ORG’ in the top menu and choose ‘CERTIFICATIONS’ in the submenu.

In this view, you can choose to see a list of all certifications in the organisation, create lists of certifications you want to especially keep track of for members of a department or the entire organisation, and also view existing certification lists.

MuchSkills certification tracking overview

Click on ‘ALL CERTIFICATIONS’ to see all certifications in the organisation. To filter by department or office location, click on the ‘FILTER’ option above the report. You can also use ‘SEARCH’ to quickly find one or several certifications.

Click on any of the colour bars and a drop down menu opens that shows you the names of all the employees who have that specific certification. Click on a ‘VIEW INSIGHTS’ tab just above to access an insights page for that particular certification. Here, you can find who are the people who ‘have’ or ‘don’t have’ this certification, their job title, when the certification is expiring and so on.

Certification tracking overview with certification lists in MuchSkills

Click ‘BACK TO OVERVIEW’ to return to the overview. If your team has set up certification lists you can click on one of them. A certification list is a list of certifications that you want to specifically track – for instance, compliance related certifications. This helps you monitor whether your employees have the certifications they need to do their jobs.

certification overview list

How to create/edit a certification list 

A certification list is a list of important certifications that you want to specifically track. These could be critical or mandatory certifications that your employees need to be in compliance with.

To add and modify certification lists, click on ‘TEAM/ORG’ in the top menu and choose ‘CERTIFICATIONS’ in the submenu. Click on the green ‘CREATE CERTIFICATION LIST’ tab on the right of the page that opens. This takes you to a view where you can see any existing Certification Lists and edit them if required.

To add a certification in a list, type the name of the certification at the bottom and automated suggestions will appear from MuchSkills’ global database of certifications.

how to edit a certification list in MuchSkills

To create a completely new list, click on ‘CREATE CERTIFICATE LISTS’ once again and a pop up window opens where you can give the list a name, write a brief description, and note the departments this list is intended for. Pressing ‘SAVE AND CONTINUE’ takes you to another view where you can add all the certifications you want in this list.

Shows it's easy to search for certifications in the MuchSkills database

Click on the ‘ADD TEMPLATE’ tab on the right to pick from curated Certification Template Lists. This is helpful if you want to save time or if you are unsure of what certifications to add.

Add certifications from a template MuchSkills

Select one or several templates, and when you are done, click the ‘USE TEMPLATES’ button. Once certifications are added to your list you can easily remove and add them.

Examples of certification templates

Go back to ‘CERTIFICATIONS’ to see all your lists.

How to add certifications to the database

MuchSkills offers a database with standard certifications to make it easy for all users to add certifications. If you see a certification missing there are two ways to fix this:

One, if you only need to add a few certificates, go to My Skills and then click on ‘CERTIFICATIONS’. In the top right corner, click on the green button ‘ADD CERTIFICATION’. Now add the name of the new certification as accurately as possible and click ‘SAVE’. Since this is a new certification, it will be reviewed by the MuchSkills team before it appears.

Two, if you need to add several certifications, make a list in an Excel file and send it to We will help you add the certifications to our database.