How to set personal growth and development goals

How to set a goal

My Growth

MuchSkills gives you a chance to set goals and keep a track of your personal development. 

How to set a goal

 Click on ‘MY GROWTH’ on the top left of the main menu bar in MuchSkills. In the page that opens, click in the space that says ‘What skill would you like to improve or achieve’ and type the name of the skill you want to learn or develop further. 

In the page that opens, select which level of proficiency you would like to achieve in this skill and briefly answer the questions below that ask how you would like to get there, what tasks will help you get there, if you need any help and so on. You can then pick a goal buddy from within the organisation (if you want) and set a date by when you hope to reach this goal. Once you are done, click ‘CREATE’. 

This growth goal will now appear in your ‘MY GROWTH’ page. Pick another goal and repeat these steps till you are done.

How to edit or remove a goal

To change a goal, click on the three dot menu on the top right of each goal in the 'MY GROWTH' page, and click ‘EDIT’. You can also delete the goal by clicking on ‘REMOVE’. If you reach your goal ahead of the deadline you set yourself, click on ‘GOAL ACHIEVED ALREADY’.

Watch the video below for tips on how you can think about what goals you should set as well as for more help in navigating this feature.

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