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How to conduct a skill analysis and skills gap analysis

MuchSkills has functions that allow organisations to effectively analyse and identify skill gaps. This enables them to spot any upskilling or reskilling opportunities.

In this guide, we talk about how to track the skills that matter most. For each department or role, set the skills you want to analyse. Constantly monitor these skills even as some people join & leave the organisation and others learn new skills or develop their existing skills further.

How to use the ‘Analysis’ feature in MuchSkills

Before you use the ‘Analysis’ feature, you need to have created skills lists. These are simply a list of important skills you want to be able to track from the thousands of skills in your organisation. They can be skills connected to a competence (like leadership), a role (like skills a project manager must have), a department (like all the skills members of X department must have) or the most important software you use in the organisation. 

Once you have created lists of the important /mandatory skills (remember, you can have one list or many), you can start analysing the skills and their distribution.

How to create a skills list

To create a skills list, go to ‘TEAM/ORG’, click on ‘ANALYSIS’ and then click on the green ‘CREATE SKILLS LIST’ button on the top right of the page. Fill the form that opens with the relevant details including description and click ‘CREATE LIST’. Your first skills list is ready and you are taken to the next page where you can add the skills you want in this list.

Once you have set up one or more skills lists, you can now analyse these skills. Go to ‘TEAM/ORG’, click on ‘ANALYSIS’. The page that opens displays all the skill lists you have created. Click on any one of them and the page that opens up shows you details of these skills: How many people in the organisation have listed them on their profiles, what’s their level of expertise, which departments they are in and so on. Because the data is presented visually, it is very easy to see if the organisation lacks a particular skill. Use the filters provided to filter the view according to location, department and more.

Watch the video below to learn more about making the best use of the Analysis feature. You will learn how to set up skill lists, add filters and then analyse the skills for a role, competence, department, team, key productivity software or anything else that matters to your organisation.

How to conduct a Skill Gap Analysis

Skills Gap Analysis helps organisations identify skills gaps – the difference between the skills your organisation need to perform optimally and the skills it currently has. On MuchSkills, the analysis can be done at many levels – individual, team or project, department or organisation.

Log into your MuchSkills account. Click on ‘TEAM/ORG’ in the main menu bar and then choose ‘OVERVIEW’. Here you can see all the skills in the organisation. They are organised into categories such as ‘technical skills’, ‘soft skills’, ‘job focus’ and any custom skill category the organisation may have set up (functional skills, essential human skills, methodologies and frameworks and so on). 

Let’s say a leader wants to see if there are any gaps in the ‘technical skills’ in the organisation. Click on ‘VIEW’ in the ‘TECHNICAL SKILLS’ section, which takes you to a page that lists the top 10 technical skills. Go to the drop down menu in the top centre and change to ‘ALL’ to see all the technical skills in the organisation. 

The colours in this scrollable list denote skill levels. Black denotes experts, green intermediates and yellow beginners. The visualised data helps you quickly understand what skills you have and where there are skill gaps. For example, if you see only green or yellow next to a key skill and no black, that means you have no experts in that skill and need to do something about it before it hurts productivity and business. 

Use the skill level filters just above the list or the ‘filter’ function in the top right to filter the view according to location, department and much more.

Go back to the other skills categories and repeat to view details about those skills.

Watch the video below to see how you can use MuchSkills to do general and explorative skill analysis. If you want to learn more about skill gap analysis click here to explore our Playbook - Skills Gap Analysis: A complete guide