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Learning & Development - How to find learning material and add your own

How to utilize learning and development in MuchSkills

Welcome to a comprehensive guide on leveraging the learning and development feature in MuchSkills. This guide will walk you through the process of discovering and adding learning materials, ensuring you can maximize the potential of your skills and competencies.

Discovering learning materials

In MuchSkills, learning materials are seamlessly integrated throughout the product. Whether you're navigating the internal pages or analyzing skill sets, there's always an opportunity to enhance your knowledge. Let's dive into how you can discover these materials:

  1. Inside pages for skills: One of the primary places to find learning materials is the overview page for each skill. Use the top right 'Search' bar and search for an example, say, 'Javascript'. Click on Javascript in the search result for Technical Skills. A new page will load and to the left you will see all relevant learning resources. Click on 'See More' to see all relevant learning material in a list view.
  2. My Growth: Learning material will be displayed depending on the learning goals set. Click on the booklet icon in the top left or click on any goal to see relevant learning material.
  3. Analysis skill lists: Go to 'TEAM/ORG - Analysis'. In this view you can see roles/competences and different list of skills. Click on any list and scroll down until you find your personal skill gap analysis and available training material. A red skill means you have not added the skill, blue means you added the skill and you can see your skill level. Click on any skill to quickly edit it. The personal skill gap analysis shows you your personal growth and development opportunity, and to the right of the gap analysis you can see available training material. Click 'View all' to get a full list.
  4. The Learning Library: Go to 'My Growth- Learning Library'. In this view you can see all available learning material, use search to find what you are looking for and in the top right you can use filters to filter the view to show the learning material most relevant to you.

Adding learning materials

Adding learning materials is a breeze with MuchSkills. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Copy the link: If you find a valuable resource, such as a course or article, copy its link.
  2. Navigate to My Growth - Learning Library: Once you're back in MuchSkills, head over to My Growth - Learning Library
  3. Add a course: Click on 'Add a course', paste the copied URL, and then click on 'Get Page Details'.
  4. Automatic resource extraction: MuchSkills intelligently extracts all the essential details from the page, including images, headlines, and descriptions.
  5. Fine-tuning: You have the flexibility to modify the extracted details. Whether it's adjusting the headline or setting the course level, customization is at your fingertips.
  6. Skill tagging: Don't forget to tag the relevant skills. This ensures that the resource is displayed wherever that skill appears in MuchSkills.

Making the most of your resources

Once you've added a resource, it's automatically displayed in all relevant sections. For instance, if you tag a resource with 'Negotiation', it will appear on the 'Negotiation' skill page, any analysis list related to 'Negotiation', and any other relevant section. This ensures that you and your team always have access to the right materials at the right time making the learning materials relevant.

'How to' video

The learning and development feature in MuchSkills is designed to equip you with the right resources. Make sure to add outstanding materials and enrich everyone's learning journey.