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How to find people and get to know them in MuchSkills - The organisation chart

Are you new to the organisation? Are you about to join another team in your organisation? Would you like to get to know people from other departments and teams? 

How to find colleagues

Method 1

The easiest way to find someone is to look for a skill. Let’s say you have joined the IT department and are looking for a mentor among your colleagues who knows Java. 

Click on ‘TEAM/ORG’ on the main menu bar and select ‘OVERVIEW’. The view that opens displays all the skills and skills categories available in the organisation. To find a particular skill, click on ‘SEARCH’ in the top left and type the name of the skill you are looking for. 

If you are searching for a technical skill, you will find it in the ‘technical skill’ category in the view that opens. The colour coding – black, green and yellow – denotes experts, intermediate-skilled and beginners respectively. To find all the experts in that skill, click on the black bar to see their names and click on the ‘VIEW PROFILE’ button to see their complete profile. 

To find people with this skill from a specific department or location click on the ‘FILTER’ function and choose the filters that will throw up the results you want.

Method 2

Here’s another way to find your colleagues on MuchSkills. Go to ‘TEAM ORG’ and click on ‘MEMBERS’. A new page opens. There are three ways you can view this section: grid, hierarchy and list. Go to the top right bar to click on your preferred view. Let’s say you choose ‘GRID’ view. A grid view of all your colleagues will appear in the page. Click on each of the tiles to open their complete profile and view details such as the skills they bring to the table and more. 

Here too, you can use the filter function to find people from a specific department or location. Just click on ‘FILTER’ and select the filters that will throw up the results you seek. 

How to view the organisation chart 

On the top right, click on ‘HIERARCHY’ view and an organisation chart opens that shows you the connections across people, teams and departments. Easily zoom in and out to view reporting structures, click on each photo to view their complete profiles or click on ‘SEARCH’ and type in a name to find a specific person.

Do watch the video below for more details about how you can your find colleagues on MuchSkills and understand what skills they bring to the table.