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Integrating to BambooHR

Integrating to BambooHR

BambooHR Integration 

With MuchSkills integration into HR-system BambooHR it takes minutes to map all skills of your workforce, create a skill matrix, organisational chart, do skill gap analysis and create skill-based teams. 

How to connect BambooHR to MuchSkills

Step 1

To get started you will need your BambooHR API key and the subdomain you use in BambooHR.  The API key can be created by clicking on your image in the top right corner and then select API Keys in settings. 


Click Add New Key button.

Give the new API Key a name. In this example I've called it "MuchSkills". You can call it anything you like.

Click Generate Key and you will receive the key that needs to be used with the MuchSkills integration. Click COPY KEY and make sure to store the key in a safe place for later use. 


The subdomain you use can be found in the web address you use to log in to BambooHR. As an example if your address is https://muchskills.bamboohr.com then the subdomain is “muchskills”. 

Step 2

Jump back to your MuchSkills Team settings page and navigate to 'Integrations'.

Click on BambooHr.  

Paste the API Key you just copied and enter the subdomain in the relevant fields.

You will be able to see immediately if the API is connected and working fine. If everything is synced fine, you will see various departments listed. You can choose to sync all departments or just pick the ones you want to. (Ideally we would sync all)

Once you've done that, you can press 'Start Sync'.

Easy peasy.

The database will start to sync and can take anything from 1 minute to 15 minutes to sync all data.

What data will you sync? 

We will sync the following 8 attributes

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Position
  • Supervisor
  • Department
  • Profile Picture
  • Status

What happens next?

Well, everyone in the departments that you have selected will receive an invitation to their office email address to join your team on MuchSkills.

Don't forget to give everyone in your teams a heads up that they will be needed to click on the link and create their skills profile on MuchSkills.

To help you with that we have drafted a 'Heads-up' email that you can send to everyone informing them about MuchSkills. Feel fee to copy-paste that in your mail.

---------------- EMAIL TEMPLATE BELOW -------------

Hello team,

We understand that each and every person has unique skills and strengths that gives them energy and helps them achieve great things. To understand what gives you energy we will be using MuchSkills - a skills visualisation tool that will help us get a better overview and understanding of each others skills and strengths.

You will soon receive an email from MuchSkills asking you to visualise your skills and strengths. Join the team there, feel free to play around, and create your skills profile.

Here's a little view of how your profile could look like.

MuchSkills Skills Visualization Profile

Here's how a team overview would look like.

MuchSkills Team Skills Overview

We look forward to see you create the perfect visualisation of the things that you enjoy working with and give you energy.