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Integrating to Azure AD

Integrating to Azure AD

SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) and SSO (Single Sign-On) makes it easy for our enterprise customers to easily grant domain wide access to all members of their team that has access to an official email address. Team members can easily sign up and sign into MuchSkills using their corporate email address and directly join your team on MuchSkills

Step 1:

Team contacts support to add domain/s. They must prove that they are the owners of the domain in some way.

Step 2:

1. Log in to your Azure Portal

2. Go to Azure Active Directory

3. Go to Enterprise applications

4. Click New application

5. Click Create your own application

6. Enter MuchSkills as the name of your app and click Create

Setup Azure AD with MuchSkills

7. Click on Single Sign-on

8. Select SAML

9. Click Edit on Basic SAML configuration

10. Enter https://app.muchskills.com/auth/saml in Identifier (Entity ID)

MuchSkills SAML SSO integration to Azure AD

11. Enter your SSO url in Reply URL

Enter your SSO url in Reply URL

12. Click Save

13. Click Edit on User attributes & Claims

14. Click on Unique User Identifier (Name ID)

15. Set Source attribute to user.mail

MuchSkills SAML SSO integration to Azure AD

16. Click Save

17. Make sure you have the following additional claims

MuchSkills SAML SSO integration to Azure AD

18. You're done!

Step 3:

MuchSkills setup

1.Go to Security & SAML in team settings (Team > Edit > Security & SAML)

2. Enter or paste the IDP Metadata URL. See the attachments to find the
URL for the specific IDP

3. Toggle Enable SAML
4. You’re done!