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Remote/ Gothenburg, Sweden

About Us:

MuchSkills is a unique software that believes in making it easy for individuals, teams and organisations to better understand their strengths and skills by using the power of data visualisation to create organisational transparency. There’s no doubt, we are a small team. But, we are rapidly growing and have acquired customers from all over the world, including Greenpeace, Accenture, EA, Forto, Hyper Island and more. As LGBTQ founders we are excited to celebrate a diverse, colourful and proud workforce that believes in empowering each other at every step of the way.

The Role:

Images speak louder than words, just as data visualisation speaks louder than spreadsheets. We want to build a software that is creative in the way it represents simple data by making the product experience delightful and effortless. Today, we need your engineering expertise to help us take MuchSkills to the next level.

What You'll Do:

  • You’ll work closely with our CTO and design team to build new product features together. From idea, research, implementation and even maintenance. (We are a small team). For example: You might be asked to create a simple note taking app where notes can be shared.
  • You’ll help build components and work closely with the design team to upgrade the design system. For example, you will be asked to use plugins like Tailwind to set global styles 
  • You’ll be asked to work with data visualisation libraries and find the best solutions together with the design team.

What We're Looking For:

  • Thoughtful engineer: You enjoy problem-solving by clearly understanding context first. You take the time to process information, ask questions, discuss and eventually arrive at smart and efficient solutions. Most importantly you’re not shy to ask for help.
  • Slick user interfaces: You enjoy working with others to build systems, components and maintain precise user interfaces for our customers using Web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and modern UI frameworks like React and tools like Tailwind. If you have even better tricks up your sleeve, that’s a plus.
  • Know thy backend: This is always a plus, since we are a small team, you are expected to have a fair understanding of how everything fits together. Y
  • You should be familiar with database systems like MongoDB, GraphQL and Express.
  • Making it your business: You take interest in understanding the company goals, vision and business needs and use that information to prioritise work accordingly. You understand the dynamic between perfection, speed and what pays the bills.
  • User centric: You are conscious that people of all experiences, knowledge and software fluency will be using MuchSkills, and it is your responsibility to ensure the product experience works for everyone. 
  • Not stuck in your ways: Programming languages are constantly evolving and though you may have your favourites, you are happy to constantly learn new technologies that may come along.
  • A room full of empathy: When working with the team, you listen, communicate clearly and engage thoughtfully, in agreements as well as disagreements.
  • The dream team: We work better together. You are a curious person that enjoys learning, growing, collaborating across disciplines and enjoy helping others.

Bonus Points:

  • You are proficient with our tech stack: React, HTML, Javascript, CSS, Git, Node.js and MongoDB.
  • You identify as an individual who is underrepresented in the startup world. (Identify as a woman, LGBTQ, person of colour)
  • You enjoy the arts, celebrating cultures, people and ideas. 
  • You are a fan of data visualisation pioneers such as Florence Nightingale and Hans Rosling. 

Tools we work with

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When applying please include the following

  • 🤓 A MuchSkills profile - Do that by creating one on and sharing your public link with us in your email. 
  • 🎨 A link to your any work you're proud of.
  • 💌 A cover letter - describe briefly what you enjoy working with and developing.
  • 📄 A simple CV (since we know you’ve worked hard on it) or your LinkedIn Profile

You could send your application over an email to or fill out the form below.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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