Build autonomous, agile and high-performing teams

Empower your teams to deliver outstanding solutions

by knowing their strengths, encouraging their journey of growth, and enabling strengths focus

Build autonomous, agile high-performing teams

Start by organising and visualising all skills in the organisation

Get a complete overview of your team’s skill sets

Create a skill & competency matrix with MuchSkills and get insights into your team’s strengths and weaknesses – in a single view.

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Skills overview graphic

Identify organisation skill gaps and create opportunities for development

Real-time skill gap analysis

Identify skill gaps, upskilling, reskilling and recruitment opportunities. Get never-before-seen insights into your team’s skills and abilities and identify opportunities for team growth and development.

identify skill gaps
  • Number of employees per skill
  • ​​Skill level distribution
  • Discover the skills you didn’t know employees had
  • Set and monitor master lists of skills
  • Identify skill gaps
  • Strategise team member growth
  • Identify upskilling & recruitment opportunities
Employee one-on-one tips

One-on-ones made easy

Team leaders can view the employee’s MuchSkills profile and hold one-on-one discussions about their current job focus, interests, potential growth, team dynamics and much more.

Growth journeys are clear and visible

Publish easily comprehensible visualisations
Publish easily comprehensible visualisations

of recommended skills & competencies for roles, teams and departments

Make it easy for everyone to understand what skills are required for each role, department, and team.

skills needed for different roles at work
‘Do I have the skills needed for this role?’

Employees can quickly see how well they fit a role and what skills they are missing. Make it easy for employees to design their unique learning and development journey.

Define team skills to be more effective
What skills can teams develop to be more effective?

Enable teams and departments to define the skills they believe are required to do their best work. Enable managers to design joint learning and development plans.

Build skill-based teams in minutes

Create teams based on competence, skills and prevent selection bias

MuchSkills Team Builder enables you to assemble teams in minutes. After that, share the team page with all members and let everyone know the superpowers they are expected to bring to the team.

What you need

Select the skills and competencies you need for a project or team.

Choose a set of skills to filter from interface
Who has the skill

MuchSkills will recommend candidates who are the best fit on the basis of their skills profile.

Discover who has the necessary skills interface
Build your team

Select the most suitable candidate and create your ultimate team.

Build a skills-based team in minutes
Share with others

Share the team page with team members, clients and collaborators so that everyone is aware of the strengths each person brings to the table.

Share with others

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MuchSkills Autonomous Agile Team Builder

Effective utilisation of people resources

Get recommendations for the most relevant candidates for upcoming projects and ensure client happiness as well as employee job satisfaction.

self-propelled teams
find experts in your team
Decentralise access to knowledge

Empower employees to find the talent they need to solve problems

Finding talent and knowledge in large organisations has been difficult so far. With MuchSkills, each employee is empowered to find specialists and talent within the organisation to help get the job done.

Set up your org chart with muchskills

Get to know your colleagues and their superpowers better

An interactive organisation hierarchy

View an automated, organic and interactive visualisation of your entire organisation chart and reporting structure. Employees can easily find people and teams, get to know more about them and view everyone’s top skills.

MuchSkills Automated Organizational Chart
MuchSkills PlaybooksMuchSkills PlaybooksMuchSkills Playbooks

Playbooks for high-performing teams

Research-based instructions and formulas

Instructions and templates for project management, check-ins, virtual team building, how to set goals, build agile teams and much more.

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Boost employee engagement

MuchSkills’ insightful visualisation of each employee’s skills helps managers easily understand what energises them. With these insights, managers can enable them to focus on their strengths, which results in happier, more engaged and productive employees.

"Encouraging strengths identification, use, and development in human management practices can be an excellent way to promote work performance, thereby stimulating passion, vitality, and concentration at work"

2014 study published in
The Journal of Positive Psychology

"60% of employees say the ability to do what they do best in a role is ‘very important’ to them. This was ranked higher than ‘significant increase in income’ and stability and job security."

Building a strengths-based workplace

MuchSkills facilitates better team conversations. It creates transparency for both the team manager & team member. Begin understanding the strengths of all your team members.

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