January 18, 2022

Welcome to MuchSkills

Noel Braganza
Welcome to MuchSkills

"At the core of it all, everyone just wants to do their best job". This is precisely what inspired us to start MuchSkills. We are now live and look forward to learning and growing with you.

We’ve spent the past six months developing MuchSkills – a strengths visualization tool for everybody – and are now excited to announce that we are inviting people and organisations to start using it so that we can continue to develop the product with their feedback.

Working from anywhere - even before WFH became a thing.

MuchSkills is a tool you can use no matter if you’re new to work or have years of experience; if you’re a growing team or even a large organization. The skills data visualized by MuchSkills tells better stories about individuals, teams and organizations. It helps you look into your skills and your team's in a new way for a more productive, engaged and happier work life.

With a large section of the global workforce working remotely because of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, MuchSkills is more relevant than ever.

Individuals can use MuchSkills to create an insightful and beautiful profile of their skills and share it with anyone across the globe instantly.

Organisations can use MuchSkills to understand each employee’s strengths in order to motivate them, as well as swiftly search through the MuchSkills profiles of internal teams, consultants and freelancers to find the hard and soft skills needed for the job at hand.

MuchSkills was born after we realized that though the way we work is changing rapidly across the world, the way we look at skills management has not. We felt we needed a tool that helped people and organisations manage skills more efficiently.

The lack of such a tool meant that people working in the same teams or organisations weren’t always aware of each other’s skills and skill sets. This caused unbalanced work allocations for projects and bloated teams among other things, leading to decreased productivity, escalated costs, and unhappy employees and clients.

Now that we are taking MuchSkills out of the drawing board and into real life, we are excited about changing the way everyone works forever. We are counting on your feedback to help us improve our product.

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