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For teams that want more

Team Overview on MuchSkills - the modern skills matrix

Unlimited new skill categories

Add ‘Domain Expertise’, ‘Functional Expertise’, ‘Hardware Expertise’ and more.

Create custom skill categories specific to your team's needs and requirements with MuchSkills

Choose how you want your team to visualise skill categories that are important for your organization – be it the simple bubble chart or the 3x3 expertise scale.

Bubble chart

3x3 expertise scale

MuchSkills HR software integrations

HR software integrations

Invite your entire organisation in just a few clicks

Keep your team database in MuchSkills synced with your favourite HR software. So when someone new joins or leaves, they are automatically added or removed from your team skills database.

Current integrations to Personio

Join one or multiple teams with MuchSkills.

Add your own departments and office locations

Smarter visualisations

Customise to create beautiful skills visualisations built around departments or locations.

Central access control

Manage team members access and roles

People forget, which is why as an Admin you can assign an employee's manager, department, role, and location from one central panel.

Guide to a strengths-based workplace and more engaged employees

Unlimited team overviews

See your top 100 skills

Interact, zoom in or drill-down on the company, teams, department, and office skill overviews.

The interactive organisation hierarchy

The modern org chart software you always wanted

Visualise your entire organisation and reporting structure in an automated, organic and interactive way.

Guide to a strengths-based workplace and more engaged employees
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Do you want to know more about MuchSkills?

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