Map the skills of your entire team or organisation easily

Patent-pending data input solution

Invite a team, department, or the entire organisation via email, link or integration via your HR system. Watch as thousands of skills are added intuitively by the employees using our patent-pending technology. 

Team Overview on MuchSkills - the modern skills matrix

Out-of-the-box skill sets

Over 20,000 skills to choose from  

MuchSkills has three research-based skill sets available from the start: job focus, soft skills and technical competence. There are over 20,000 skills to select from and more skills are added every day. Users can easily add additional skills if needed.

List your top skills and skill sets

Add custom skill categories

Map the skills that enable your team to do their best work

Choose the type of visualisation 
Set a list of skills the team can select from
Add multiple skill sets
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Create custom skill sets on MuchSkills
Get a complete overview of your team’s skill sets

Get a complete overview of your team’s skill sets

Create a skills matrix with MuchSkills and get insights into your team’s strengths and weaknesses – in a single view. Assess if your team has the skills your organisation needs, identify areas of improvement and plan future recruitments accordingly.

Specific skill search

Find the right team or individual for the job

Search for a specific skill and get a full list of individuals who have the skills you seek. Also view their skill level and their interest in using that skill.

Specific skill search

Create skills-based project teams

Define the skills you need and MuchSkills will recommend team members with those skills

It’s easy. Set up a project, define job focus, soft skills, technical skills and the custom skills you need. MuchSkills will recommend skilled team members for the project. 

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List your top skills and skill sets

An interactive organisation hierarchy

The modern org chart software you always wanted

Visualise your entire organisation and reporting structure in an automated, organic and interactive way.

Org chart - skills based org chart - MuchSkills

Team management best practices

Research-based playbooks & guides

Powerful resources to help organisations and teams improve employee engagement. Best practices for one-on-ones, check-ins, virtual team building, upskilling, building team strengths and much more.

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Specific skill search

Include freelancers & consultants too

If one in seven workers today is freelancing, why should we keep them out of our talent pool? We give you the ability to include freelancers & external consultants so you can expand your skills pool easily.

Easily add external consultants to your team with MuchSkills Teams
Join one or multiple teams with MuchSkills.

Add your own departments and office locations

Smarter visualisations

Customise to create beautiful skills visualisations built around departments or locations.

Central access control

Manage team members access and roles

People forget, which is why as an Admin you can assign an employee's manager, department, role, and location from one central panel.

Guide to a strengths-based workplace and more engaged employees
MuchSkills HR software integrations

HR software integrations

Invite your entire organisation in just a few clicks

Keep your team database in MuchSkills synced with your favourite HR software. So when someone new joins or leaves, they are automatically added or removed from your team skills database.

Current integrations to Personio

Build a modern team skills matrix

Create your team skills matrix now

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