MuchSkills is a new way to visualize skills and skill sets

Discover all the available skills within your team and organization beyond just the obvious ones.

It's all about growing your strengths

Visualized data tells better stories about individuals, teams and organizations. Use MuchSkills to get a clearer picture of your skill set in three categories: job focus, soft skills and technical competence.

Search for skills on MuchSkillsSet employee availability - Leave, parental leave or vacationImprove employee engagement
What are your soft skillsList top soft skills on MuchSkillsInvite people to add their interpersonal skills, soft skills and more
Scale your skill expertiseList top software skills on MuchSkillsbuild a strengths-based workplace
Plan skill-based project teams on MuchSkillsList best skills for resumemeasure team skills

Job Focus matters

Our skills are not static. So why are we still assessing talent based on CVs? MuchSkills helps individuals visualize their strengths as a cluster of dynamic and prioritized skills.

List your top skills and skill sets
List soft skills in simple stepsList soft skills in simple stepsList soft skills in simple steps

Soft skills are key

Tell us – and everyone else out there – about your soft skills. MuchSkills’ smart interaction patterns allow you to easily input your skills and prioritize what you believe are integral to your success at work.

Technical skills as an enabler

There are no limits to the tools we use when we work, which is why we are in a state of perpetual learning. Grade yourself on the MuchSkills' three- point scale and keep a track of your skills growth over time.

Domain experts can grade their level of expertise
Build a modern team skills matrix

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A beautiful profile to share

Your skills are unique and you should feel proud to share them if you choose.
Keep your profile private or share it with the world, the decision is yours.

Showcase and list your job skills and soft skills

Building a strengths-based workplace

MuchSkills facilitates better team conversations. It creates transparency for both the team manager & team member. Begin understanding the strengths of everyone in your team.

Understand team skills and strengths for more transparent one-on-ones

Insights to step up your game

Understanding your organization’s skills should be a simple, straightforward and insightful process. With MuchSkills, it is. Create stronger project teams and increase employee engagement with MuchSkills.


Start by inviting your team

Invite anyone with any skill to your MuchSkills team

1. Invite anyone

Type in their email address, and we'll take care of the rest. Alternatively, create an invite link and share it.

Data visualization is key to understanding what teams and individuals work with MuchSkills

2. Create visualization

Each member visualizes their job focus, soft skills, and technical skills.

Search for the best skilled teams with MuchSkills Search

3. Find the best

Find the skills you need for your project and swiftly build a formidable team.


Create stronger project teams

Find team members with the most suitable skills and skill sets in minutes

Create projects on MuchSkills

1. Start a new project

This is the essential information about the project. Title, duration,  documents etc.

Identify the skills a project requires with MuchSkills

2. Select the skills you need

Add all the skills you need for your project. Soft skills & technical requirements as well.

Match the best fitting members for the created project on MuchSkills

3. Select the best fitting members

Select among individuals by matching skills and availability.

Notify the team about projects on MuchSkills via Slack

4. Done! Notify the team

Give your team a heads up. No one likes a surprise project.

Include freelancers & consultants too

If one in seven workers today is freelancing, why should we keep them out of our talent pool? We give you the ability to include freelancers & external consultants so you can expand your skills pool easily.

Easily add external consultants to your team with MuchSkills Teams

Strengthen cross team collaboration & communication

Create skill-based project teams

Specific skill search

Search for a specific skill and get a full list of individuals who have the skills you seek.

Set personal availability - Vacation, Parental Leave and more

Transparent availability

Parental leave every Thursday or away on vacation? Set availability in seconds.

Skills are powerful. What are your super skills

Know thy superpowers 🦸

Work better together when you have an understanding of everyone's superpowers.

Always know your team's skills

Always know who does what

The overview allows you to see what skills are needed or missing from project teams.

MuchSkills works for

Create a skills profile for a modern skills matrix


Go beyond the CV, create and share an insightful and beautiful picture of your skills.

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Visualize your team's skills with a modern team skills matrix

Team Managers

Understand your team’s strengths. Get a complete overview of all available skills in a single view.

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Create stronger skills based project teams

Sales Managers

Finding the right talent for projects has never been easier.

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Restructure and reorganize team skills easily

C-Level & Leadership

Increase productivity, sales and profitability of your organization by creating a strengths-based workplace.

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Create instant skills matrix views for events and hackathons

Events & Hackathons

Connect participants based on skills and create project groups that come together to explore and drive innovation.

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Build a modern team skills matrix

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