How does it work?

Everyone gets to map out their skills. Yes! everyone.
Mapping your skills is as easy as tap, tap, tap!

Create the perfect team for the perfect delivery

Identify the most formidable team in minutes

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Skill set clouds are amazing

Pick ideal team members and ensure the necessary skills required for projects are included in your team’s capabilities for the next project

Team skills map insights

The team skill map and skill cloud give you a total overview of your team’s total skills and team capacity.

Discover if your team lacks certain skills and identify growth opportunities. See the balance of your team and understand your future recruitments.

A simple and trackable overview of your team’s skills

Full overview and deep understanding of team and individual development

Skill set cloud

You may not know every thing that everyone is capabale of. But Much Skills can. Get a total overview of your teams skillset and toggle between what the skills your team ❤️working with or the number of individuals available at any given moment in time.

Software skills

Today, softwares change before you can even say Jack Rabbit. Keep up with the ever growing list of softwares being used by your team and stay up to date with what everyone is learning and mastering.

Much Skills works for

Team Managers

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