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Brights and MuchSkills partner to revolutionize skills optimization

December 5, 2023
Brights and MuchSkills partner to revolutionize skills optimization

Brights, a leading learning consulting company, today announced a strategic partnership with MuchSkills, a cutting-edge platform dedicated to optimizing skills within organizations and fostering high-performing teams. The collaboration embodies a practical and scalable solution for skills mapping, delivering tangible and measurable outcomes, and advancing organizations toward success.

The collaboration between Brights and MuchSkills marks a significant step in enabling clients to operate with data-driven precision in today's business landscape, where skills mapping is crucial for success. By combining the capabilities of the MuchSkills platform with Brights expertise in learning consulting, the partnership aims to provide a practical and scalable solution for skills mapping, yielding tangible and measurable outcomes.

Daniel Nilsson, Founder of MuchSkills comments the collaboration, “Skills mapping is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity for organizations to thrive in today’s dynamic business environment. Brights Learning brings a unique blend of consulting expertise and deep understanding of organizational learning needs that perfectly complements our data-driven skills optimization platform. Together, we are empowering organizations to make informed decisions about their talent management strategies and achieve their strategic goals.”


MuchSkills is a game-changer for skills mapping and visualization,” added Julia Granström, Head of Learning Consulting at Brights Learning. Granström continues with: “Their innovative platform provides us with the tools we need to scale our skills mapping services and help our clients gain unprecedented insights into their workforce’s capabilities. This partnership will enable us to deliver even more impactful learning and development solutions that drive real business results.”


The collaboration offers organizations data-driven skills mapping, scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes, measurable outcomes tracking, a culture of continuous learning, and the empowerment to achieve unparalleled success.

For questions regarding the partnership and press contact, contact: Julia Granström at Brights or Daniel Nilsson at MuchSkills  

About Brights Learning
Brights Learning is a leading learning consulting firm that helps organizations develop and implement effective learning and development strategies. We provide a wide range of services, including learning needs assessment, curriculum design, instructional delivery, and evaluation.

About MuchSkills
MuchSkills is a workforce planning & strategy solution designed around skills. Boosts productivity by facilitating strategic workforce planning, skill-based team building, utilization analysis, skill gap & risk detection and employee upskilling & development.

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