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Swedish start-up MuchSkills selected for Kickstart Innovation's 2023 cohort

August 8, 2023
Swedish start-up MuchSkills selected for Kickstart Innovation's 2023 cohort

This marks another milestone for MuchSkills in a year where its recurring revenue has increased by nearly 400% compared to last year and subscriber LTV has by 2,300%.

MuchSkills, a leading skills management platform, has been selected for Kickstart Innovation’s 2023 cohort in the ‘New Work and Learning’ category. It is one of 41 innovative start-ups from 13 countries – and the only one from Sweden – to be selected for the program after a rigorous selection process where 170+ judges reviewed over 1,000 submissions.

Team MuchSkills: (Left to right) Daniel Nilsson, CEO; Noel Braganza, Head of Product; and Oleksandr Telnov, CTO.

Kickstart Innovation is a Switzerland-based platform that works closely with organizations in the public and private sectors to support their innovation process. It does so by helping them collaborate with carefully-selected later-stage start-ups with a goal to accelerate deep tech innovation. The program benefits both because it helps create new business opportunities for established companies, while young companies get to test the scalability, application, and impact of their innovations within a rigorous corporate environment.

“We are so thrilled to be selected for Kickstart Innovation’s 2023 cohort and are excited to work with them and their partners to refine our skills management platform and explore new opportunities to increase productivity for organisations," said Daniel Nilsson, co-founder and CEO, MuchSkills. “MuchSkills' selection for this program marks another milestone for us in a year where we have seen recurring revenue increase by nearly 400% compared to last year and a 2,300% rise in our subscriber LTV.”

Noel Braganza, co-founder and Head of Product, MuchSkills, said: ​​"We are incredibly grateful to Kickstart Innovation for recognizing the value our solution brings to the workplace by giving us this amazing opportunity. It's a chance for MuchSkills to expand its reach and make its innovative platform more accessible to larger organizations, enabling them to derive significant value from it."

Oleksandr Telnov, CTO, MuchSkills, said the selection was a significant achievement for the start-up. "MuchSkills' selection for the Kickstart program demonstrates the value our skills management platform brings to the workplace. We look forward to collaborating with Kickstart Innovation and their partners to further enhance our platform and make it accessible to even larger organizations, driving productivity and success."

The 2023 cohort – or the #Kickstarters23 – will visit Switzerland in September to meet potential collaborators and investors. Kickstart partners include leading companies and institutions such as Swisscom, Coop and  AXA. Between September and November, the focus will be on the creation and securement of proofs-of-concept, pilot projects, and other innovation partnerships between Kickstart’s partners and the #Kickstarters23. The confirmed collaborations will be announced in November. 

Anikó Ivanics, Senior Program Manager and New Work & Learning Lead at Kickstart Innovation, said MuchSkills is well positioned to leverage the program. “With their remarkable growth, MuchSkills has great potential to benefit from Kickstart Innovation’s program and to enter the Swiss market using its profound resonance in today's dynamic work labour market,” said Ivanics. “The global workforce is witnessing an enormous shift, where skills are the true currency of success. With industries being reshaped by automation, artificial intelligence, and remote collaboration, the demand for agile upskilling and reskilling has never been more pressing. We are thrilled to work with their team, as well as to meet the other 40 cutting-edge start-ups from 13 diverse countries, all arriving soon in Zürich.”

Other start-ups selected for the program include Mia GmbH and Viva la Faba (Food and Retail); Enerdrape, Urbio (Smart Cities); Calvin Risk and DynamoFL (Finance and Insurance); XUND, NALU (Health & Wellbeing); BrainE4 AG and Savvi (New Work & Learning).

Besides Sweden, the other countries represented are Germany, Austria, Singapore, USA, UK, Denmark, Portugal, Israel, Spain and Estonia

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About MuchSkills

MuchSkills is a skills management and analytics SaaS platform founded in 2019 by Up Strategy Lab, a Gothenburg-based design and strategy consulting firm. It provides businesses with innovative solutions for managing their human resources more effectively so that they can build autonomous high-performing teams, reduce attrition rates, and promote individual growth. The MuchSkills platform is a unique talent marketplace that allows organisations to easily find and access the skills and competencies they need to get the job done. Additionally, its visualised skills data enables leaders to do strategic workforce planning so that they can plan work more efficiently and reduce the risk of costly project delays or budget overruns. MuchSkills empowers businesses to adopt a data-driven leadership approach so that managers and leaders can make informed decisions based on evidence-based best practices.

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