Integrate into Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Optimise the skills in your organisation

and build autonomous high performing teams

Integrate Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) with skills management platform MuchSkills. Identify all skills & competencies and take a strategic approach to skills management and growth

Visualise your organisation’s skills

Smart integration into Microsoft Active Directory (AD)

Import and sync employees seamlessly

Import all employees, their personal data and who they report to – in a single click. If someone joins or leaves the team in Microsoft Active Directory (AD), they will instantly be added or removed in MuchSkills too.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory MuchSkills Integration
Create interactive org chart instantly

See all connections between people within the organisation in a single view. Easily search for a specific individual and understand who they report to. 

Team org chart

Set it up in 4 simple steps

Step 1
Go to Microsoft Active Directory (AD) app registrations to prepare integration and retrieve client-ID

You can easily find it in your Microsoft Active Directory (AD) home page or simply search for ‘App Registration’. Name the integration and click save. 

Step 2
Edit API Permissions to retrieve Client Secret

Go to API Permissions and add an Application Permission in Microsoft Graph for reading all users’ profiles. Set up a new client secret for MuchSkills. 

Step 3
Paste Client Secret into MuchSkills

Go to MuchSkills team settings and paste your Client ID, Tenant ID & Secret under the integrations section. Choose what departments you would like to sync, then click on ‘Sync Employees’.

Step 4
Inform employees

Let all your employees know you will use MuchSkills. Have them follow the instructions in the email MuchSkills sends them and you will be able to view all employee skills and utilise all MuchSkills features, such as Skill Gap Analysis, Org Chart, Custom Skills, Team Builder and much more for all users in your Azure Active Directory. 

Video instructions how to set up MuchSkills integration with Microsoft Active Directory (AD)

For more detailed instructions watch this video on how to set up the integration. 

Assistance and support

Assistance and support
MuchSkills team is here to support you. Use the chat feature in the bottom left on this page to contact us and we are happy to assiste you with everything you need for a successful setup and deployment. 

Automated transfer of data

Employee master data, email, reporting structures, department and profile picture are synchronised and fully automated. Synchronisation will run frequently to ensure the data on the MuchSkills platform is up-to-date.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory MuchSkills Integration
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