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MuchSkills 3.2 - Build a dream team every single time with MuchSkills’ Team Builder

MuchSkills 3.2 - Build a dream team every single time with MuchSkills’ Team Builder

Projects becomes Team Builder

MuchSkills projects become Team Builder

Team Builder will now replace Projects in our main navigation, giving you more access, control and flexibility when it comes to building your dream team. Be it for a super important client project or to gather the office Padel or Pickleball team (skills are essential).

Just like in Projects, you will be able to select the skills that you would like the team to have and be presented with members that have those skills. Simply select the members you like and boom, the dream team is ready. You can now swiftly assemble the best people for the job at hand.

The visualisations, views and filters in Team Builder all make this feature an important and much needed improvement for our old Projects feature.

For those that already created Project Teams, your data has already been migrated automatically to Team Builder, and you can enjoy the vastly improved team visualisation.

Build dream teams that are skilful, autonomous and agile in minutes

Below is a list of all the new updates:

  • Spanking new User Interface. Not like the old one was bad, but this is just…nicer.
  • A clear visualisation and recommendation of team members that possess the skills you need.
  • Filters, data cross-sections and other smart things to help you find people.
  • A beautiful overview of the entire team’s skills and competency level and objectives.
  • Assign a team leader in a single click… and then put a 👑 crown on them.
Select the skills you need for your team in MuchSkills

What you need

Simply add any skill that you believe the team should have in order to successfully deliver on a project.

MuchSkills Team Builder suggest team members with the best fit

Who has the skill/s

Get recommended a list of team members that have the skills that you are looking for.

Assemble the best team with MuchSkills team builder

Build your team

Add the candidates that fit your skill requirements… ta-dah

We hope you will enjoy this upgrade and remember we are always there to help you. Use the chat on our website if you have any questions or need assistance.