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MuchSkills 4.1 - Learning & Development + Skills Mapping Relevant learning and upskilling

MuchSkills 4.1 - Learning & Development + Skills Mapping Relevant learning and upskilling

At the heart of MuchSkills is a commitment to fostering personal growth and development. Today, we're thrilled to share updates that we believe will significantly enrich your learning journey and that of your team

Centralised Learning Repository

We have introduced a unified system where all learning materials can be organised and centred around skills, facilitating easy access to collective knowledge, tips, and tricks across your entire skills portfolio.

MuchSkills personalised learning paths

Personalised Learning Paths with My Growth

Since last November, MuchSkills has allowed the setting of skill goals for everyone through 'My Growth'. Now, explore a wealth of learning materials shared by your teammates to aid in achieving these goals. Look for the designated 📕 icon within MuchSkills to unearth new learning resources tailored to your objectives.

Watch a video on goal setting

MuchSkills discover compatible toles

Discover Compatible Roles and Teams

Under 'Analysis' in TEAM/ORG, discover roles and project teams aligning with your skillset. This feature aims to remind us of the transferability of skills, presenting opportunities where you could excel with your current MuchSkills profile.

MuchSkills tailored skill-gap analysis

Tailored Skill-Gap Analysis

Navigate through the 'Analysis' lists curated by your team administrators to find your personalised 'Skill-Gap Analysis'. This section highlights the skills you could acquire to transition into new roles, along with related learning materials to support your progress.

Explore skills gap analysis

MuchSkills skill-specific learning material

Skill-Specific Learning Materials

Easily discover learning resources specific to each skill by utilizing the global search function. A simple click will unveil a host of materials aiding in the mastery of your chosen skill.

MuchSkills your personalised L&D Database

Your Personalised L&D Database

Create a personalised learning database by linking skills to resources from Coursera, YouTube, EdEX, Udemy for Business, LinkedIn Learning, your LMS, or any other platform. Adding a resource is a breeze—simply hit the '+ADD COURSE' button wherever you find valuable learning materials.

Learn how to add your resources