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MuchSkills 3.4 - We've ironed out the creases

MuchSkills 3.4 - We've ironed out the creases

Certifications now in Analysis & Team Builder

You can now add certifications when Analysing org competences as well as in Team Builder when building skills based teams. Simply search for Certifications in the search field to find and add what you’re looking for. Quickly identify employees with the certifications you require and also validate those that don’t. This enables you to stay compliant and build certified teams every single time.

Improved User Experience - It’s important to us

Add members in Team Builder by name

The first version of Team Builder only allowed you to add a person that brought a skill to the team. However many times, there are situations when a team member might contribute in a different way beyond just their skills, perhaps a mascot, or even a team coach. Now you can find individuals and add them to any team regardless of the skills they bring to the table. This will enable you to quickly assemble teams without having to define all skills. Create groups, communities, teams or whatever else you would like.

Improved User Experience - It’s important to us

User Profiles now show teams they are a part of

We have updated a user’s personal profile and now you can see what teams they are a part of. We had earlier also added contact info, title, department & office, as well as who the person reports to. All this to make it easier to get to know a person in your team.

Improved User Experience - It’s important to us

Certification lists and company specific skills now have templates

Certification lists enable the organisation to track the most important certifications and validated knowledge. We have now released more templates to make it easier for you to quickly assemble different lists. As an example, we have lists for DevOps, CloudTechnlogy, SCRUM, Project management, and many more.

Clickable links in Analysis & Team Builder

In Analysis you can build a list of skills required for a department or a role. We have now made it possible to add links in the description of an Analysis list or Team Builder. This is valuable if you have an internal page with more details about a role description or if you want to guide employees to a learning journey.

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