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Interactive organisation chart

Interactive organisation chart

Org charts have existed for years as a way for companies to get a better understanding of how their organisation is structured. However, the same format has been used for years and not much has evolved. From the basic hierarchical org structure to the horizontal hierarchy or even the Matrix org structure, the visualisations are often top down with little benefit to team members, often defining office power dynamics rather than displaying connections and relationships needed for teams to collaborate better.

MuchSkills has taken a different approach. We believe in showing connections at both an organisational and department level. 

MuchSkills Org Chart

The organisational chart can be auto generated with integrations to Personio and soon other HR management softwares or manually managed on the platform itself. The team member or the managers can simply mark who reports to whom and in an instant the entire organisational chart will be drawn out.

To get started, simply create a MuchSkills account and create a team. Invite everyone in your organisation to join. As people start joining, your org chart will start growing.