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Muchskills 4.3 - Resource allocation and Utilisation reports

Muchskills 4.3 - Resource allocation and Utilisation reports

At the core of MuchSkills is the belief that every individual strives to work with what they love doing. TeamBuilder was our first step to make it easier for organisations to organise the modern workplace, build skills-based teams and assign each individual to projects that utilise their strengths. With our latest 4.3 release, we further streamline the process for organisations to determine the availability of their employees, both at present and in the future.

Assign skills, badges and certifications

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Resource allocation reports

In MuchSkills release 4.2 we had introduced an update that provided managers with the flexibility to assign an individual to a project while specifying their exact level of utilisation in percentage terms, as well as set specific dates and times for this level of engagement.

Advanced utilization planning in Team Builder

In this release, we have also introduced a new reporting module that allows managers to access a comprehensive overview of each team member, including details of the teams/projects they are assigned to, along with the respective time periods and allocation levels. Easily view approved and launched projects as well as upcoming ones (light blue in image below). Utilise this new report for advanced forecasting, planning, analysis and resource allocation.

Advanced utilization planning in Team Builder

Click here to learn more about using Utilization

Skills Analysis updated

Utilisation reports

Quickly understand which team members are overutilised or underutilised, identify those available right now or very soon, and identify opportunities to plan ahead and ensure the right people are assigned to projects.

Jira & Tempo integration - Sync projects and utilisation

MuchSkills is a brilliant tool to build teams, and once the project is approved you can add the project in Jira + Tempo and sync it with MuchSkills. This is to ensure that if the team allocation is updated in Jira it will automatically be reflected in MuchSkills too.

Click here to learn more about Jira and Tempo integration

Skills Analysis updated

Learning Library - All learning resources in one place  

A few months ago, we introduced a feature that gives users the ability to add any learning materials to MuchSkills and link them to one or several skills. For example, managers can add links to YouTube videos, certification programs, LMS courses, Udemy for business, Linkedin, Coursera, or EdX courses. 

These resources are then displayed when employees discover their personal skills gap for a role, competence or department, or when they add or view their goals.  

In this release, we introduce the Learning Library, which enables users to view and search among all learning resources that the organisation has added.

Click here to learn more and click here if you want to visit the Learning Library in MuchSkills

Enable all users to add learning materials and resources

Employees are constantly learning new things, and sometimes they come across brilliant learning resources. These resources can range from best practices for designing in Figma to penetration testing courses and certifications. By default, only admins can add resources. To enable all employees to add resources, navigate to TEAM/ORG > Settings and scroll down on the page until you find the setting for L&D resources. Here, enable the option for all users to upload resources.

That’s it for now. As always, we'd love to hear from you. Simply send an email to wow@muchskills.com. Your input is invaluable to us as we continuously work to improve MuchSkills. Thank you for being part of our journey.

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