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MuchSkills 4.0 - Utilisation, availability and Global Search

MuchSkills 4.0 - Utilisation, availability and Global Search

When we launched Team Builder back in 2022, we always imagined the possibility of adding a data visualisation layer that showcased an individual’s availability and utilisation levels. That day is finally here and we couldn’t be more happy. It’s a feature that wraps Team Builder into one of the most powerful tools companies can use in order to build high-performing teams based on skills & competence.

Utilisation & Availability

An all new power up ️in Team Builder

All new Utilisation & Availability in Team Builder

With this update you can now see all the projects an individual is assigned to in Team Builder so that you can better plan and organise their participation in a project. This update is just the beginning of our utilisation and availability module, and we’ll be releasing new integrations, updates and lots more in the coming months to help you build THE BEST project teams.

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Global Search is now available

Global Search

Don’t think we forgot this one. Yes, it’s been a while, but sometimes, good things come to those that wait… at least sometimes. Global search makes it possible for you to search for anyone, any skill or certification from anywhere in the app. Almost anywhere. Just look for the New Search bar in the top right. It’s right there.

How to find skills and colleagues

Import your Linkedin history directly to MuchSkills

Your past experience gets a glow up

The past is just the past, but it’s important to know where you’re coming from, which is why we’ve made it easy to import your Linkedin data directly into MuchSkills, so you don’t have to rewrite everything. Just enter your Linkedin public url, and we handle the rest. Beep, Bop, Bloop!

How to update your profile

Skills Analysis updated

Skill gap and analysis updates

Now we sort skills analysis lists to show you the ones most relevant to you, making it easier for you to discover roles and competences that come naturally to you.

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