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MuchSkills 3.7 - Tags and filters

MuchSkills 3.7 - Tags and filters

Boo 👻… Happy spook season. We are super excited to bring to you MuchSkills 3.7, a release where we’ve taken the liberty to add a few new features and fix a bunch of big and small things. The theme for this season is flexibility. With the release of a brand new Tag Manager as well as an updated Org Chart, MuchSkills is making your data even more flexible for analysis.

Tag Team

You will now be able to tag Members, Teams built as well as Analysis lists with unique tags that can be used to quickly filter data no matter what page you’re on. Tags will be available under the MuchSkills filter everywhere, and can be managed under Manage Tags under team settings. You can also watch a helpful how-to video here

MuchSkills Filter Interface

Filter Island

To make the Filter even more accessible, we have now made it always visible even if you scroll down the page.

MuchSkills Org Chart that behaves as a network chart

The network effect

We all know that a modern organisation is just a giant network of people working together towards a common goal, which is why we tweaked the Org Chart to focus on connections at every level. You can now also use the new filter to isolate the data you want visualised for a more efficient experience. Watch our helpful how-to video here

MuchSkills Skills Tree

Tree huggers

Keeping our house plants alive can be quite a task, but keeping your skills tree green and watered is pretty simple. Just jump into your profile every now and then and do a little skill self-reflection. Doing so will allow everyone in your team to see the most up to date version of yourself.

Optimisations and other not so visible things

We are constantly making small tweaks to improve the overall experience and are always more than happy to hear from our users if there are any suggestions.