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 MuchSkills 3.5 - Skills retrospectives and more

MuchSkills 3.5 - Skills retrospectives and more

Skills retrospectives

Being able to self-reflect on one's growth has always been an integral part of personal development. MuchSkills now introduces ‘Retrospectives’ for all team members. A simple way for employees to reflect on the skills that they were able to utilize in the recent past.

To activate this feature, you will need to log in to MuchSkills, go to TEAM/ORG and access Settings. Then click on Manage Retros(spectives). This will allow you as an administrator to set how often you would like your team to do these simple and fun retrospectives.

We strongly recommend that organisations utilize this tool during one-on-ones to bring more transparency to discussions. Read our award-winning playbook on how to conduct effective one-on-ones here.

To see how you can activate Retrospectives for your team as an Admin or an Owner, click here

Improved User Experience - It’s important to us

Improved My Skills navigation menu

We wanted to make it easier, fun and more accessible to add skills, so we moved things around a bit. The skills menu is now on the left side on desktop and a hamburger menu on smaller screens.

Improved User Experience - It’s important to us

We also updated the overview so administrators can now add custom texts and emojis to describe each custom skill list added. If you are an admin you can go to Settings, click Manage Skills > Select a skill category and edit the list by clicking on the cog icon next to it to update.

Improved User Experience - It’s important to us

Export data in Skill Analysis

Sometimes exporting data can be necessary when creating offline reports, which is why we have now made it possible for users to export skills analysis data at the click of a button. In order to find it, you can go to TEAM/ORG, click Analysis, select any one list. You can see an ‘Export’ as CSV button at the top right. Click it to export the data instantly.

Improved User Experience - It’s important to us

Notification system

Interesting things happen all the time in your team which is why we have now added a notification system to the top right corner where you can receive general and team notifications. We will continue to evolve it over time to offer more insightful information so you can make better decisions for yourself and your team.  

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