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Team Full Screen View

Team Full Screen View

The team skills overview is one of MuchSkills’ most insightful features. It gives teams and team leaders an amazing overview of all the skills available to them. 

We, however, realised that the team skills viewport could do with an improvement. It was restricted to small cards that limited the number of skill bubbles visualized there, and we wanted you to be able to view these skills more easily. 

After discussing the issue with our customers, we have just released a small but valuable update that allows teams to now visualise their entire team’s skills in full-screen mode. This allows teams to get a bigger and better overview of all the skills available in the team.

More space means more bubble space – making it easier for team leaders to display this data on a big screen at the next team meeting or organisation meetup. 

If you are on our free plan, you can always view the top 10 skills in your teams as well as the 10 skills added most recently. If you are on our enterprise plan, you will be able to view all the hundreds of skills available to your organisation in one simple overview. 

We imagine this viewport will be used by the organisational leadership during team/organisation meetings to quickly view the skills that are currently available as well as the skills that might be needed to ensure the development of a super balanced and strengths-based workplace