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MuchSkills 3.3 - Certification Tracking and tons of improvements

MuchSkills 3.3 - Certification Tracking and tons of improvements

🔖 Track certifications and proof of competence

Stay on top of all the certifications in your org through a decentralised certification tracking system. Automated renewal reminders are sent to those that are expiring or have expired.

Track certifications and proof of competence MuchSkills certification tracking

Hundreds of certifications to choose from
Google, AWS, Adobe, Meta, Scrum Alliance, Hubspot, Microsoft… you name it, we got it, over 500 of them… and if we don’t you can always add it yourself. Simply search for the certification you want to add and voila.

Templates for MuchSkills certification tracking

Bringing Certifications Tracking to the 21st century
Get a visual summary of all the certifications present in your organisation and easily filter or search for any specific one you might be looking for.

See when certificates expire MuchSkills certification tracking

Create department, domain or even team level certification lists
Easily gather all relevant certifications for your domain under one list for easy tracking. Need to track all Google Cloud stuff, or Microsoft compliance certifications? Just a click here and there and you’re done.

Use Certifications together with Team Builder [Coming very very soon]
As you build teams you can add skills and find the best suited team members. In this update you can also set requirements for certifications. Build a certified dream team every single time.

Bigger bubbles don’t lie

You’ve often asked us if we could increase the overall size of the bubbles in your personal profile and under ‘My Skills’. We took a little while to get there, but we finally did. We hope you enjoy playing with the bigger bubbles.

Little profile page updates

We have now added Certifications to the personal profile page for all users. In addition to this, we have also added org info so your colleagues can better identify you.

Faster and better

During the last two months we worked a lot under the hood to speed up the performance of MuchSkills. We hope you enjoy the faster and upgraded version.