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MuchSkills 3.9 - Data-driven leadership, skills timeline, API access & lots more

MuchSkills 3.9 - Data-driven leadership, skills timeline, API access & lots more

It's been a while since we made any big announcements with MuchSkills but it's time. And we promise you we didn't use ChatGPT to draft this email to you. It's all "hand typed" (old school), one key stroke  ⌨️ at a time.

If you've already logged into MuchSkills during the past weeks, you would have noticed some significant updates, which we like to call "My Circle".

So what is My Circle - we like to believe it gives team members and managers a better data-driven overview of an individual or team's growth, engagement and connections. Everything from a timeline of skills development to who has selected you to be their goal buddy in their upskilling journey.

My Circle

The ultimate tool to help you realize you have indeed grown 💪

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⏰ New Dashboard (the much needed update 🪄)

You can now track how your skills are changing and developing over time. A month-on-month overview of all your skills and goals mapped out to help you realize that you have indeed grown.

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📈 My Circle Overview

The perfect tool for you to toggle through your team’s skills, goals and overall skills development in an interactive timeline to help you have data-driven one-on-ones, coaching sessions, check-ins and development discussions. We’ve written some incredible playbooks to help you navigate these discussions here.

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👯 You got a goal buddy

Take it as a compliment when someone adds you as their goal buddy 🔔. It’s their way of showing you that they trust you to hold them accountable as they embark on their goal journey. Make sure to reach out to them to offer help, check in or even just cheer them on. It’s always nice to have someone in your team.

Learn more about Goal buddy

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Track skill changes over time

Skills are ever changing and dynamic, even more so today. Which is why growing organizations need to monitor how their collective skills have evolved over time.

📊 Track changes per skill

In Analysis , when you add skills to the list, you can check the volume of how the skills have changed over time. A quick overview to help you mitigate skill-risks or skills surpluses and subsequent sales opportunities.

🏞️ View the ever changing skills landscape in your team & entire organization

Take a step back in My Circle to analyze the skill changes on a month-to-month basis or toggle through quarters and spot trends. What is your organization’s skills strategy? 🤔

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Data-driven leadership

We have in collaboration with our customers developed one of the most comprehensive data-driven management & leadership training programs out there, and you get it for free. Access all the evidence-based best practices to help you become more data-driven to improve team productivity and engagement.

Download and adjust our training program framework to suit your organizational needs and policies.

📖 Access the training program

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Introducing the MuchSkills API

Have your skills your way. Just ask us for an API key and you can request employee skills data to generate your own PowerBI reports, traditional CVs, visualizations, Salesforce integrations and much more.

If you're interested in the MuchSkills API, contact us for access.*

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